Xiaomi Youpin Crowdfunding Launches ShowSee Electric Nail Polisher

Xiaomi Youpin Crowdfunding Launches ShowSee Electric Nail Polisher

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I do n’t know if you have found that everyday small movements, such as ear removal when cleaning your ears, will always feel like you ’re always digging out. The same is true for nail grinding, which seems to be more and more addictive and very decompressive. Have the same feeling, then, you may be very interested in this Xiaoshi ShowSee electric nail polisher that Xiaomi Youpin has launched on the crowdfunding recently. The reciprocating grinding design integrates trimming, grinding, polishing, and care into one fingertip. For the best enjoyment, Tomtop is currently priced at $ 30.49. Buy it and you can have bright nails.

In fact, the cleanliness of nails is very important to everyone’s first impression of others. Every day, giving customers a business card, shaking hands with a friend you just met, and calling others. These details will expose your nails and want to leave them to others. With a good first impression, this small detail of neat and delicate nails cannot be ignored. This Xiaoshi electric nail polisher adopts intelligently tuned high-frequency reciprocating grinding design. It integrates trimming, grinding and polishing. The polished nails are round, stylish and beautiful.

Built-in noise reduction motor, different from the traditional rotary motor design, has the advantages of high torque, high speed, and long life. The vibration and noise reduction structure can reduce the pressure on the nail surface, so as not to hurt the nails during the nail grinding process; The head adopts EVA sponge design, with white corundum and metal abrasive surface, to give delicate care of nails; trimming head, nursing head are optional, and can be used for hand and foot care.

The nail polisher uses a two-stage design, which can be used with different types of soft and hard nails, and is easy to use; it is small in size, only 2 lipsticks in size, easy to carry, and can be used on business trips, offices, and homes; it can be used after each charge 45 minutes, long battery life, available at any time.

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