The first "must have" GPS Gadget of 2011


New Mini TM3338 Handheld personal Tracker for everybody. This is a a personal remote positioning device with built-in GPS and GSM/GPRS modules with compact size. It can transmit the longitude and latitude coordinate to your cell phone by the short message service, then you can find its location on the free Google maps? or any other map software..

With compact design, convenient SMS functions and the latest in GPS tracking technology, it is the one all-purpose tracker for everyone needing to track their valuable asset and loved ones. It’s easy to use, all you need is a working SIM card to insert into the unit, charge the battery, and you are ready to go. With Quad-Band GSM connectivity, it works anywhere in the world. It even comes with a handy weatherproof bag to attach to your belt or backpack.

It can track Everyone and Everything. For example, Outdoor sports and recreation, whatever your sport is (such as Hiking, biking, skiing, mountaineering, etc), taking one with you and your loved ones will have peace of mind while knowing exactly where you are.
The best function is droppingin your children’s pocket or backpack and you will never have to worry about them getting lost again. All you need to do is make a call to the GPS Mini Tracker and it will text back their exact location to you instantly! Also you can secretly put it with a person, or his belonging, and you can monitoring where they are going. It comes with a magnetic back cover to attach itself to any steel object, consciously or “unconsciously”!

Built-in high sensitivity SiRFstarIII Chipset and GSM/GPRS module, low power consumption, Works worldwide! These features and our low factory wholesale price make this the first “must have” GPS Gadget of 2011. This cool new gadget is in stock now for single or bulk stock purchases. Whether you are just buying one for yourself or reselling on eBay, with this price you cannot go wrong! More information at the following link:

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