Do You Prepare Your Winter Cap


Are you ready for the cold winter? Hat you can not only block the cold wind and rain, winter fashion you can also add a color dress Oh!

First of all, wear a warm hat for cold hair. If the head catch cold, can cause cerebral vasoconstriction, ranging feel dizziness, headache, or cause the scalp and hair follicle nutrient cycle disorders metabolic disorders, leading to nutritional imbalance or a large number of hair unnatural hair loss. Some serious diseases may also be induced to patronize. Thus, in the cold winter, the head and other parts of the body, like, need to warm cold. So you’d better buy a hat to protect your head.

The second is for the hair dust pollution prevention, the winter wind, dust and more, especially in today’s era of increasingly serious pollution, invisible when the hair was blown mess while stick in the head hair in the micro-organisms and dust to like sandpaper on the gravel, while raging in your scalp, while hair in your daily operations, an increase in hair comb and hair and between the friction. Invisible micro-organisms that may lead to the breeding of bacteria on your scalp and even cause hair follicle infection, directly affect the environment for the survival and growth of hair quality. The friction is caused by the surface of the cuticle hair curled, coarse hair surface becomes so serious that it causes hair split ends, broken. At this time, wearing a comfortable and stylish hat, the hair is no different from wearing a protective functions that are beautiful coat, effectively blocked the invasion of dust and microorganisms.(Crocheted Hood Cap)

Third, hair sun radiation, a lot of beauty-conscious ladies will be fully armed in the summer to take protective measures, in particular hold a colorful beach umbrella, sunscreen and was both fascinating and charming, but in winter the sun is often overlooked power walking Shihai always chasing sunshine away. In fact, the clarity of the winter air is dry, the sun’s ultraviolet rays are not low by degrees, so do not be complacent against the winter sun. Should prevent excessive sun exposure. So, in order to avoid UV damage, choose a style and color matching hat and clothing, nothing more than a clever both stylish and practical way.(Winter Cap)

Fourth, hat is a stylish . Woman’s hat on his head, has from the cold winter, the function of the past turned into a decoration, it is the fashion in an expression of a woman on the head, often with a touch of the invisible in the colorful splendor, grace for the women added another charming. Do not underestimate a small cap, it will increase a person’s fashion taste and temperament.

So do not miss winter fun on your head Nama Oh!

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