Analysis of RC Model Industry Prospects


According to WoErLe model statistics, it shows the Chinese children consumption has accounted for about 30% of total family’s, and is increasing rapidly. The world’s children toy consumption per person per year is $40, China now only is six dollars, so the development space is very large and it emerges from ordinary toys to the professional high-grade toys, commonly known as the model of excessive (such as aviation model, electric model car racing, the oil move model car, ship model, etc.). Model market is growing at 30% per year. By 2015, there will be 100 billion yuan sales of the market space. Sociologists say: in future society, entertainment, toys, sports, music, travel, education, information, recreational etc all influence peopl’s healthy psychological concept. Emotional and spiritual cultural industries will become the new "cornucopia"! For teenagers, professional model is three-dimensional visible, and can disassemblyandassembly, reform and upgrade. They can not only greatly increase the imagination of teenagers, practical ability, thinking, and also can inspire their interest in science.

In the United States, on average every four people have a mental doctor,. But in China 40 people don’t even have a mental doctor. With the high speed development of China, pressure is bigger, 80% of the Chinese have different degrees of mental problems for they don’t know how to release the pressure.Through playing model toys, they not only can release the pressure and find the happiness of childhood, also can alleviate the pressure from work and society. In club activities, if your model damage, and you can get more generous help from model fans, so as to gain more interpersonal trust. A recent survey from Social investigation firm shows that 64% of adults consumers said if they have conditions, they will consider choosing toys suitable for themselves. 33% of the adult think they are willing to buy toys. In addition, the former chairman of China toy industry association, Ren Xingbang estimates, China’s adult toys market demand will reach 50 billion yuan or so in one year. But at present, the adult toys market developed only 2 billion yuan.

If you have an eye for model industry, you are lucky because model industry in China is in the early stage of development. The person who masters knowledge of model toys and have funds for investment, he knows the happiness to realize his value.

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