High-tech product: The Internet Body Scale


More and more traditional products and applications are reshaped by the Internet, and created “Internet of Things” in the world. In the “Internet of things”, we use the Internet to do a lot of things, such as e-books, e-commerce… and a lot of everyday items also began to connect the Internet, such as body weight. Recently, an internet body scale attract our eye, that is a digital scale of BodyTrace.

This electronic scale is operated by the BodyTrace.Inc company, the company was founded in 2007, its purpose is to changes in weight management and innovative weight loss fitness. The core is a BodyTrace called “electronic scale” software and product. It’s different the ordinary pocket scales, it can wireless upload the data of the user’s weight to the BodyTrace website and generate graphs of the data, and give recommendations. BodyTrace claimed that users do not need to do any configuration of the software can use this product – it may be because it relies on the mobile network technology (especially GSM mobile phone network), rather than WiFi technology.

In BodyTrace site, you can create real-time body weight, body mass index (BMI), interactive charts, as well as food log suggestion, intake, calorie calculators and other small tools( such as pocket scales), to build a healthy body weight as the core. In addition, BodyTrace also joined the SNS social networking elements, users can create groups, personal home page, upload pictures, and mutual discussions. BodyTrace Web site boasts that it’s interface is the “incentive” to encourage users to share his (her) achievements to lose weight, can also share ideas about exercise and recipes.

BodyTrace make the facilitate weight measurement and data as the core, hold the health, fitness, and diet as one, its business model is very easy to develop, but competition is tough, because there are many lose weight or fitness site in foreign. But this innovative tool may be very competitive, and maybe even integrated into mobile applications, let you around the core of your body weight to learn for more health information anytime and anywhere, so there are some competition!

At present, the price of this electronic scale is 119 dollars, but users should cost costs $ 19.99 every 3 months to register an account in BobyTrace site. And we are surprised that more and more traditional products and applications access to the Internet, how much this will lead to change?

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