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The claw stabilizer released a new product MOZA Air 2 shocked the market

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On September 12, 2018, the industry-leading manufacturer of intelligent imaging technology and shooting system solutions, the official development of the claw stabilizer officially released the new MOZA Air 2. With its powerful payload, excellent “deep red” intelligent control algorithm, and compact and lightweight body, the various products of the claws provide more space for film and television creation, and have been acquired in wedding photography, microfilm, travel and other industries. The recognition of the majority of photographers. As an upgrade of Air, Air 2 has a payload of up to 4.2KG. The new MOZA intelligent power management system guarantees the excellent endurance of the claw stabilizer. The MOZA smart wireless lens control system developed for the first time has a high-precision focus function. Black technology provides a richer creative space for video creators.

Power Magic Power

Air2 uses the new MOZA motor vector control technology as a single hand-held stabilizer with a load capacity of 4.2kg, which is compatible with most micro-single and SLR cameras on the market, and even professional cameras. Standard 4 2500mAh high-power 18650 lithium battery, providing power for MOZA Air 2, can maintain a stable battery life of up to 16 hours. The new MOZA magic energy supply system, the body is equipped with four DC interfaces of one input and three output, which can be input through the body DC input, external power supply to the cloud platform, camera, smart wireless follower, photography lights and other accessories. The device is powered, allowing the creator to achieve uninterrupted shooting and ensure the smoothness of the picture.

Intelligent delay free transform

AIR2 fully upgrades the time-lapse photography feature. Through the built-in mode of MOZA APP, the camera can realize a variety of personalized and professional time-lapse photography such as fixed-point delay, track delay, large-scale moving delay and zoom delay. Everything you can do, MOZA Air2 can be achieved!

Four-axis eight-mode creative imagination

The stable three-axis independent control consisting of heading, pitch and roll axes can freely combine eight follow-up modes, and can also achieve a variety of cool shooting modes such as theft of dream space, extreme speed following, panoramic photography, colossus photography, and trajectory photography. The MOZA Smart Wireless Follower becomes the invisible fourth axis of the MOZ AAir2, making it easy to auto zoom (shift). Unblocking creativity, there is no limit to photography.

Automatic adjustment step by step

MOZA Air2 uses MOZA’s advanced adaptive control algorithm to automatically select the appropriate parameters for automatic parameter adjustment according to the camera configuration. The newly added balance detection function automatically discriminates the mechanical balance state of the stabilizer, guiding the user to adjust the stabilizer to the optimal working state, and quickly respond to the changing shooting scene. At the same time, it incorporates a new and unique design of mechanical memory quick loading system. It is more convenient to install and disassemble the camera. It is easy to disassemble the camera anytime and anywhere without secondary leveling, which increases the ease of use of the product.

Non-orthogonal design full button control

The appearance of the MOZA Air2 uses an innovative non-orthogonal design, which ensures that the camera display is not easily obscured above the roll arm and can better adjust the composition when shooting. The 12-key control of the camera imitation camera provides an intuitive, fast and comprehensive operation experience. It can easily control the camera’s recording, photographing, zooming, focusing, ISO, shutter, aperture, exposure compensation, white balance and other parameters. The whole process is simplified.

Parameter custom personality screen

MOZA Air2 can customize the joystick, handwheel and trigger button according to the requirements, customize the function buttons and store 5 sets of custom stabilizer parameters to achieve ever-changing combinations. At the same time of easy control, the intelligent OLED display can provide intuitive information feedback, accurately know the state of the stabilizer, help adjust the stabilizer and camera parameters, and greatly improve the operation convenience.

Rich expansion unlimited possibilities

MOZA Air2 body has a special expansion bracket, a number of 1/4 screw holes, can be freely equipped with a variety of lenses and a variety of accessories. With the upgraded high-quality special backpack, not only can the stabilizers of the three axes be installed, but also the entire photographic equipment can be installed to meet all your needs.

Highlights four MOZA smart wireless lens control system

The MOZA smart wireless follower developed for the first time, only weighs 198g. It has a built-in high-rate power battery with a battery life of up to 24 hours. It can also be connected to the communication interface of Air2 to obtain power supply from the machine, which not only can work for a long time, but also achieve unlimited Endurance. Built-in 2.4G communication module external antenna can ensure stable communication, no fear of external signal interference, and also has a built-in Bluetooth module to connect with MOZA APP, the mobile phone can be used as a remote control to control the magic claw smart wireless follower. At the same time, it is designed to meet the needs of different users, and it fits perfectly with various usage scenarios, allowing you to create as you like.

The motor of the magic claw smart wireless follower adopts the professional electromagnetic design, which effectively increases the power density, and realizes the real-time high-precision movement of the lens during the shooting process, so that the follower and the stabilizer can be better matched, 100 meters distance. High-precision wireless control can also be realized, giving you a hands-like control experience!

Highlights five MOZA image ecosystem

The claw stabilizer has been dedicated to providing users with a better experience. The MOZA image ecosystem has been independently developed. It includes MOZA iFOCUS smart wireless follower set, MOZA Air2 multi-function sub-handle, MOZA vertical set, MOZA Air2 large camera quick set, MOZA stabilizer fashion and professional photo backpack, MOZA second generation somatosensory thumb controller, MOZA Air2 Features dual hand-held handles, SONYA7/A6500 external battery box, Panasonic external battery box and other accessories products.

In today’s era of increasingly demanding video creation, it is not easy to find a caring photographer. As the leader in the industry, the claw stabilizer has always been adhering to the tenet of “born for images”. The new MOZA Air2, which was launched in the autumn of 2018, is fully functional and professional. The entire set of image ecosystems launched at the same time is for the majority of video creation. Intimate customization. Whether you are a photography enthusiast or a professional video creator, you can find the unlimited creativity you are looking for here!

Listening to the user’s voice, MOZA has never talked about it, we are looking forward to the claw stabilizer to continue to create more surprises for the imaging industry.

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