Three axes are stable, MOZA mini-s handheld stabilizer experience evaluation

Speaking of handheld stabilizers, I believe that everyone is familiar with the current popular handheld stabilizer brands on the market, including Zhiyun, Dajiang, Snoppa, Feiyu, MOZA, etc. The new product from MOZA, MOZA mini-s handheld stabilizer, before I introduce the product, the author first let everyone know what is the handheld stabilizer, handheld stabilizer as […]

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MOZA Air 2

The claw stabilizer released a new product MOZA Air 2 shocked the market

On September 12, 2018, the industry-leading manufacturer of intelligent imaging technology and shooting system solutions, the official development of the claw stabilizer officially released the new MOZA Air 2. With its powerful payload, excellent “deep red” intelligent control algorithm, and compact and lightweight body, the various products of the claws provide more space for film […]

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