What are the functions and types of magnifiers?

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A magnifiers is a convex lens used to magnify an object, and a prototype of a microscope. Usually used to observe the details of objects. A magnifying lens is a converging lens with a focal length that is much smaller than the apparent distance of the eye. Magnifying glasses can be classified into portable magnifiers, glasses magnifiers and vertical magnifiers according to their appearance. According to the classification of the use of people, can be divided into the elderly reading magnifying glass, children’s magnifying glass, outdoor portable magnifying glass, professional identification measuring magnifying glass and medical magnifying glass, etc., we have a common magnifying glass.

Handheld magnifier
The hand-held magnifiers‘ glass is compact, lightweight, inexpensive, portable, and adaptable. It is available in a wide variety of shapes, from circular to square in shape; from the structure, there are handles, folding and built-in light sources. The main features of the hand-held magnifier: the magnification is flexible, the magnification can be changed according to the distance between the reading and the magnifying glass, and the user can easily and arbitrarily make limited adjustments. This 15X Multifunctional Handheld Magnifier is an example. Widely used in industry, horticulture, geography, and family.

Reading magnifier
The elderly magnifying glass for the elderly is the main user of the magnifying glass. The elderly mainly buy large lens magnifiers with LED lights, magnifying glasses with 2-3 times magnification. This kind of magnifying glass is easy to use, only needs to be worn on the head, and has high definition, which is very suitable for people with poor eyesight.

Glasses-type magnifying glass
This is a magnifying glass that can be worn on the eyes like a pair of glasses. It has a frame that can be worn on the eyes, so the hands can move freely and do some work farther away, such as writing, typing or manual operation. But it is not convenient to look at something very close. There is also a magnifying glass with double and half glasses, which can be used to see different distances at the same time. It is widely used in machining, electronic maintenance, jewelry identification, watch repair and micro engraving.

Vertical magnifier
The vertical magnifying glass has a base and a magnifying glass that can be placed on the table. Vertical magnifiers vary in size, some are small and exquisite, some are heavy and bulky; some have built-in light sources, and some have no built-in light sources. Larger lenses, also known as desktop magnifiers, are relatively bulky and less flexible to use, but have a wider field of view and a larger viewing area. This versatile magnifier is designed for welding or other maintenance work. With alligator clips and adjustable brackets, you can relax your tired hands and work more efficiently.

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