The Best Ergonomic Bluetooth Keyboard


Are you starting to feel the effects of years of typing on crummy keyboards? Want to spare yourself further hand and wrist pain? If you are working with your iPad most of the time, which is your option? What (if any) is the best Bluetooth keyboard as far as ergonomics is concerned?

iPad Bluetooth Keyboard

The fact that you are looking for the best Bluetooth keyboard for use with the Pages app tells me two things right off the mark. The first is that you are a regular user of the iPad’s best word processor and the second is that you have come into difficulties when trying to use the touchscreen keyboard for the job. I have to agree that I love my iPad Bluetooth Keyboard. I think that thing I like best about it is that it does not have a number pad so I can sit it in my lap and keep my arms close to my body and rest my wrists on my legs. I have found most keyboards I could not do this with because the number bad made it very awkward to do. Though I also have my mouse on my armrest and I have a ifrogpad on my other armrest that I uses for a number pad, arrow keys, delete and other quick commands when I am surfing the net.

I think the biggest key is to finding a way to put the keyboard where it is going to cause the least stress. If you are dealing with using an iPad then most likely you are not going to have a desk that you are always at to have arm rest like I do or have a keyboard tray to put the keyboard where it is going to cause the least amount of stress. Having a smaller keyboard will make it easier for you put your arms and hands in a more comfortable position. I even uses my apple keyboard when I am out and about with my Mac Book Pro when I have a place to set my mac book other then in my lap since I can keep my arms in my lap.

I’ve been looking for a Bluetooth keyboard for myself and it was the only other one I could find besides the iPad Bluetooth Keyboard. The iPad Bluetooth Keyboard has enhanced the functionality of the iPad, giving users a physical platform to type on. When you are searching for the best iPad keyboard, it is important to compare product features, specifications and reviews to choose the best unit. Review the specifications of the keyboards for iPad devices below to make the best investment.

According to the research, most people adore iPad Bluetooth keyboard, which is about as curved / ergonomic as Bluetooth keyboards seem to get these days. If you are looking for a keyboard, I am sure this should be one of your best choice.


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