DIY Christmas Gifts With Rivets


Christmas is coming, all friends are preparing for it.And how about you? Christmas is a day for all to bless one another with interesting and unusual gifts. Traditional gifts such as chocolates and sweets are no longer unique enough for people to buy as presents nowadays. Do you have any ideas on what special presents to send for your friends or family? In the human life there is no limitation for creativity. So why not making some DIY gifts? Here below let’s share some DIY gifts which are ideal clothing accessories decorated with rivets.

gold rivet

Generally speaking, rivet is made up of a smooth cylindrical shaft and a head which is called the factory head on one end. And the end opposite the head is called the buck-tail or shop head. In order to hold the rivet in place, the buck-tail is about 1.5 times the shaft diameter. When thinking of fasteners, people would pick up in mind quickly with bolts, nuts and screws as it is common in our daily life. Actually, there are many more other ways of fastening, among which is rivet. Without the development of welding techniques and bolted joints a long time ago, the riveting is popular and necessary in the construction of metal framed buildings and structures like the Eiffel Tower, as well as in the fields of automobile classics and aircraft. Meanwhile, in the world today, rivets are so popular among clothing decoration.


You may also see most of accessories are decorated with colorful rivets, especially on your bags, leather bracelets, clothes, shoes, etc,which makes your accessories more stylish and cool. Fully showing your special taste and personality and bring you a lot of DIY pleasure at the same time. DIY Christmas gifts will show your warm care as well as sincere wishes to the receivers. Creating a gift all by yourself is so fun and also a rewarding experience. Exercise your unique views and creative side by diving into a fun, DIY present project. Creating homemade gifts for your friends and family is really a good choice. Most people won’t care that you didn’t spend much money on them because they’ll be touched that you spent so much effort and time to come up with such creative DIY Gift Ideas. It is more meaningful.

DIY rivet

Make a DIY Christmas gift for your lovers, friends and family, and you will be the great Santa Claus saying “Merry Christmas”.


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