Car Lights Care – Protect The Eye Of The Car


Car Lights, just like car’s eyes, display the intent of the driver, especially in the dark night, it can also indicate the way forward for you. Therefore, good maintenance the eye of the car is very important. Check exterior lighting bulbs burn out failure is an extremely quick and simple job. However, a comprehensive vehicle car lights care is not so simple. Timely maintenance of the vehicle lighting is critical to drivers, because it affects not only driving comfort but also directly related to traffic safety.

Car Lights

Reasons For The Decrease Brightness

After both headlights or headlights, so long as it is not bright, it shows that car lights have burned and must be replaced. But if not completely broken, but decrease in brightness, and dim red light, it must not be taken lightly, because this may be a precursor to failure, and reduce the lighting capacity is also driving safety hazard.

There are several reasons for the decrease brightness, the most common is the lighting of the astigmatism on the glass or mirror product with dust, then the need to do is to use cloth or lens paper to remove the dirt clean. Another reason is that the battery charge capacity decreased, the brightness caused by insufficient power is not enough, so the new battery to be replaced. Another possibility is that the aging lines or wires too small, resulting in increased resistance and thus affect the power supply, this situation affects not only the work lamp, serious and even lead to overheating and cause a fire line.

The Use Of Car Lights

Headlamps: Generally speaking, often burning the midnight oil friends should consider replacing one pair of higher brightness of the headlights, so in the dark night, bright enough to help you see all the details of the road, playing away in the light time also allows you to see farther. If conditions permit, you can even replace one pair of xenon headlights, xenon lights not bright enough, long life, it has a characteristic: color temperature is very high, close to daylight color temperature of the driver’s eyes are a kind of protection.

Rear lamps: Do not underestimate the rear lamps, rear lamps if the failure can easily lead to rear-end accidents. Generally speaking, if not failure, not many upgrade options taillights, in addition to installation of transparent and increase the ornamental lights outside the shell, with the led light to replace the traditional light bulb is a good choice, led not only to increase brightness, response time than traditional Bulb has been shortened, which means that when you depress the brake pedal, led brake lights can be brighter than ordinary bulbs much earlier, so that the trailing vehicle to have more time to prepare.

Fog Lights: Fog is often said that the spotlights. As the name implies, the main purpose of fog lights in bad weather to ensure the driver’s line of sight, and to ensure that others can see you, and now many manufacturers, the purpose of installing fog lights front bumper, just to make more beautiful, so Comparison of the use of poor quality fog lights. And headlights, except replace the fog light enough outside, choose a pair of hid xenon fog lamps is also a good choice.

Rear license light: Dark, parking is really a headache, especially the eyes were not very good drivers, factory backup light in the faint light is not much help. Then you need a Rear light, which is a security bars installed in the middle or below, after the independence of lighting, you hang up automatically after the reverse gear light, the brightness of its strong backup of your night no longer have to fear.

Care for your car lights is important, lights help you to see better in early twilight and make it easier for other drivers to see you. If you detect any problem with your car’s lights, have them checked out at once. If you need to buy car lights, I would like to recommend you a China Wholesale online store, visit TOMTOP follow the link:

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