The advantage of Low voltage LED Light


If you have already used low voltage halogen light bulbs in your home and your work places, you must benefit a lot from those low power consume bulbs. Then , why not try some low voltage LED lightings? When powered properly, low voltage LED lighting produces five times as much light as line voltage halogen lamps. Besides, The service of low voltage LED light bulbs are much longer than halogen bulbs. Moreover, not only will they save you money on your monthly electricity bulb, they are also environmentally friendly.

It is designed flexibility

low voltage LED bulb would still be specified for commercial space; no other type of lighting can quite duplicate its light quality. More than other lighting technologies, low voltage systems can establish a desired  mood, for the occupied environment. It’s suitable for cove and recessed lighting, and for downlighting and uplighting.

Optimizing Safety, Minimizing Waste

Low voltage light bulb is safer than line voltage lighting because wiring and lamps have about one-tenth the voltage flowing through them once the transformer has stepped down the voltage, which reduces shock hazard.

Also of concern is waste disposal. New low voltage lamp designs and materials have increased lamp life up to 10,000 hours. If the lamps are dimmed to 50 percent, for example, life expectancy can double to 20,000 hours, further cutting disposal and maintenance costs.

However, before you change, you will first need to check the compatibility of your existing transformers. Standard transformers have a minimum load requirement, which is usually about 20 watts. As LED’s use very little power, between 3 and 6 watts, they often fall short of this requirement and therefore do not work effectively.

Using your LED’s with a normal transformer can have a number of detrimental effects. Not only will it affect their performance, it will also shorten the life span of your bulbs.To ensure the longevity of your bulbs, we recommend upgrading to an LED Driver. LED drivers have no minimum load, so can be used to power individual and multiple LED bulbs without difficulty.


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