The Market Prospects of Boxwood Carving

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Boxwood tree is a rare thing, which makes boxwood carvings have appreciated in value and also has a collection of investment value. Moreover, the boxwood carvings looks very elegant and exquisite round, so very suitable for playing furnishings, they are loved by collectors. Therefore, in recent years, collections of boxwood carvings become the new darlings of the limelight, it has strong attractive in the auction market, luxurious boutique collection prospects also has good value.

According to professional analysis, boxwood carving is an emerging market in today, its the value of investments mainly is in three aspects. First, the material is very excellent: delicate texture with ivory-like effect, and the longer the era of deeper color, very simple and beautiful. Second, the rich carving techniques: In addition to sculpture in the round, Loudiao, relief, but also to create a mosaic, chop carving and other techniques, there is a high art. Boxwood wood is mainly for art appreciation products, so the carving is very particular. Third, the international impact: As early as the beginning of this century, created works of Zhu Xi won international awards, so made the boxwood carvings to become popular at home and abroad.

Most of Boxwood carvings are the contemporary masters of arts and crafts works of art on the market today, the price is not too high, so the market prospect. According to market sources, in recent years, collectors become increasingly mature, and many collectors are no longer blindly staring at those antiques, paintings, and has a high cultural taste and value, so boxwood carving became the object of their “hunting”.

The expert who has studied for boxwood carving advise collectors, it is important to remember two things for collection of investment boxwood carvings : first, to see whether the carving is fine. Pay attention to the distinctive arts and crafts, the material of boxwood carving should be based on the unique natural shape or texture direction, plus clever carving, seven heavens and one-third of sculpture. Second, to see whether the years is place. As a artwork, experts pay more attention of a boxwood carvings for years and enjoy the kind of heavy moisture germinal glass pack slurry.

As we know, Yueqing boxwood carving has a long history, the early Yuan and Ming dynasties, and were mature in the Qing Dynasty. Early 20th century, Yueqing boxwood carvings had been winning again and again in the international exhibition, and at the same time, appeared a civil fine boxwood craftsman. After the founding of New China, the skill of boxwood carving had been a rapid improvement and development.

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