How to Recalibrate A Pocket Scale


A pocket scale is small, portable, lightweight scale and can be easily carried in the shirt pocket. It can be used to weight gold, silver or precious gems stones in the palm of your hand. Pocket scale is bettery powered, and is delivered fully calibrated, but if you replace the battery, drop the scale, or the device is simply not working correctly, to ensure it is displaying the correct weight you should recalibrate it. There are many models of pocket scale. But, the recalibration process is fairly standard. If you’ve lost the calibration weight that was included with the scale, don’t worry, the following are easy answers.

Pocket Scale

1. First you should turn the scale off, wash the surface of the pocket scale. Contaminants on your scale can affect its ability to accurately reset to zero. Clean the surface, and then allow it to dry for 20 minutes.

2.Lay the pocket scale on a flat, stable surface. Turn on it.

3. Press the mode button until you are in calibration mode.

4. Find the calibration weight necessary for your pocket scale in your instruction manual. If you have lost that along with the calibration weight, than look for the information to be printed on the underside of your scale. If you can’t find the information there, look for a product description in a scientific supply catalog.

5. Collect the calibration weight’s exact value in nickels. Nickels weigh 5 g each, or 1 g per cent. This means that if the calibration weight required for your scale is 100 g (a typical measurement), you’ll need 20 nickels, which is 100 cents’ worth of nickels.

6. Wash and dry the nickels. Dirt or other contaminants on the nickels could affect their weight, making them minutely above 5 g apiece. This may not seem like a big deal, but could have an adverse effect on the precision of your weight in the aggregate, because you will be using a lot of nickels. Be sure not to use soap or any other cleaning supply: the chemicals also adhere to the nickels. Just use a scrub brush and warm water, then make sure to dry completely.

7. Place the nickels on the weighing tray, then press the calibration button. The pocket scale should now have a zero measurement and a calibration measurement, which will allow it to behave accurately throughout the full range of possible measurements. Calibration may take a few moments, after which the scale will flash a message on the digital readout. Your scale is ready for use.

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