Magical Photo Lens for Your Cellphones

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When seeing some beautiful scenery, people all want to use their phones to take a picture to share with others or keep it for a souvenir. And nowadays, many new mobile phones come into being, which are with high definition cameras, even there are kinds of cellphones possessing 13M pixels cameras. This is just one hand that you can take clear photos. But how to take some pictures different to common ones? Here are some magical devices to help you.
There are many photo lens designed for your cellphones.

You can choose from those various categories as you like.

Fisheye lens: achieves maximum view angle 180 degrees, which can give you an unusual feeling. Macro lens: amazing focal distance of 15mm for incredible close-up shots. 0.67X wide angle lens: suitable for taking pictures of large range scenery.

And there are different photo lens of different design, such as clip-shaped, magnetic-adsorption type, etc.


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