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With the continuous improvement of living standards, people are increasingly pursuing light and concise lifestyle. Smart curtains have slowly entered our lives. The curtain is installed above the window to block sunlight and ultraviolet rays, dust, and rain, and has the effect of beautification and decoration. Generally, curtains with a height of more than 3 meters and a width of more than 4 meters are very inconvenient to open and close manually, and it is very easy to damage the curtains and shorten the service life of the curtains. If the window is very tall, very wide, and a large curtain is needed, then smart curtains must be installed and no manual operation is required.

In addition, we can also assemble smart curtains by ourselves, prepare Tuya WiFi Intelligent Curtain Module Intelligent Home DIY Tool and Curtain Track Kit, and choose a curtain you like here, you can DIY a simple smart curtain by yourself.

Smart curtains are electric curtains with certain self-reaction, adjustment, and control functions. They can automatically adjust light intensity, air humidity, and balance room temperature according to indoor environmental conditions. There are three prominent features: smart light control, smart rain control, and smart wind control. Smart curtains are widely used in life, such as in hotels, conference rooms, residences, and other places. So what are the benefits of installing smart curtains?

Intelligent, users can control smart curtains in a variety of ways, such as remote control, mobile APP remote control, voice terminal device control, etc. The curtain can be set timed, and the curtain can be opened or closed at a specified time. However, if you only want to close and open the curtains by hand, you only need to turn off the smart curtain control system, or cut off the power supply.

Remote control, automatic curtains can also be remotely controlled via mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices, which is very convenient. If one morning, you are anxious to go out and forget to close the curtains, don’t worry, you can use your mobile phone to remotely close the curtains.

No noise. In addition to the manual operation of traditional curtains, noise is also inevitable. Every time the curtain is opened and closed, the sound of the track sliding will be heard. However, smart curtains use high-quality mute rollers and gear belts during operation, and the sound produced reaches the lowest effect, which is much less noise than traditional curtains. It basically brings a perfect mute effect, so that we can enjoy life quietly.

Anti-ultraviolet, windproof, dustproof, etc. Too much ultraviolet radiation can cause physical discomfort, and smart curtains will increase the anti-ultraviolet function.

Safety, curtain drive equipment is equipped with safety equipment such as current overcurrent protection, so users can use it with confidence.

To increase the sense of science and technology in the living environment, the intelligent curtain system uses advanced remote control technology and mechanical technology, which not only makes our life more convenient, but also adds a sense of science and technology and a sense of the future to our living environment.

Of course, after enjoying the benefits of smart curtains, we must accept its shortcomings. Smart curtains also have their shortcomings.

The price is relatively expensive. Smart curtains are high-end technology products. The materials and internal working components are very expensive and cannot be accepted by ordinary families.

The service life is limited, electric curtains use a DC brush motor or a DC brushless motor to work, and the service life of the two is between three to five years.

Maintenance is expensive and the maintenance technology is insufficient. Because the price is more expensive, the market share of smart curtains is relatively low, and there are fewer technicians who know how to repair smart curtains, and businesses cannot guarantee that the curtains can be repaired within 24 hours.

Relatively speaking, smart curtains allow us to experience smart life and make our lives more convenient. If we have enough money, it is a good choice to install smart curtains at home.

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