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Night fishing is a great way to enjoy family fun. In order to be safe and successful, you need to prepare some equipment to make night fishing safer and happier. The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the temperature during the day reaches 25 degrees or more. Fishing at night is not so hot and more comfortable. Moreover, the environment at night is quieter than during the day and it is easier to catch big fish. What equipment should be prepared? I will share my thoughts with you below.

A folding chair, after being folded, occupies a small space, it is light in weight, and it is easy to carry. You can easily put the chair in your backpack or pocket. In addition, sitting on a chair is more comfortable than sitting on the ground. Therefore, you can fish for a long time and have more chances to get more fish.

Electric mosquito killer lamp, if it is a summer night out fishing, it is inevitable that mosquitoes will come and bite us. You may have to give up fishing because you have been driving away mosquitoes. Therefore, we need to find some effective ways to prevent mosquito bites. You can prepare mosquito coils, or mosquito repellent spray, wear a light long-sleeved jacket or bring an electronic mosquito killer lamp.

Headlights and flashlights, the main lighting tool for night fishing is the headlight, which is needed for walking, using fishing lures, and so on. There are many types of headlights, such as strong light, low light, manual type, sensor type, etc. We should choose the headlight according to the type of fishing. For example, if we plan to fish for carp, we must consider the light-resistant characteristics of carp, you need to choose a headlamp with soft light. The strong light flashlight is used as a backup option. Sometimes you may forget to charge the headlights, if the headlights have insufficient power, you need to use a flashlight, if you need to walk long distances, the brightness of the headlights is not enough.

Fishing rods, fishing rods usually have a handle, which is gradually tapered from the handle to the rear end, and the smaller end is used to connect the fishing line. The fishing rod can be extended and contracted, and the length can be adjusted. A lighter, better quality fishing rod, convenient to carry, and durable, it is very worthy of our possession.

Fishing line, the most important point of the fishing line is the problem of bearing weight. Can this fish be pulled up? Will the fishing line break? This is our biggest concern. The main line is generally pink or water green close to water, and grass green, which can be seen when submerged in water, and the sub-line is generally white or transparent, and its concealment performance is better. The sub-line has the same function as the main line is to connect the rod and the hook so that people can pull the fish up by pulling the fishing line with the fishing rod.

Fishing lure, prepare some lively fishing lure, through a manual operation when fishing, just like living animals, that can lure those ferocious fish to eat bait. The main role of the fishing lure is to use movement, vibration, and color to catch the attention of the fish so that it bites the hook. Some fishing lures are equipped with one or more single hook, double hook, triple hook, or multiple hook bait, which are used to hook the fish when they attack the bait. Buy bait with more hooks. As you know, if a fish is caught by a multi-hook bait, it will be more difficult to escape.

Fishing light, fishing light can maximize your chances of successful fishing at night. The advantage of fishing light is that even without a night light fishing float, you can see clearly whether the fishing float is moving. Many fishes are attracted by the blue light of fishing light. As long as the blue light is turned on, all kinds of fish will swim towards the fishing light. You just need to throw the bait near the fish light, and many fish will be hooked. There are many types of fishing light, but it is recommended to buy a slightly more expensive one, with better quality and not easy to break. And the battery is relatively sufficient, and the battery life is strong.

Folding water bag, excellent waterproof performance, light weight, easy to carry, it can be used as a bucket in outdoor camping and fishing activities! The fish caught are directly put into the folding water bag, The fish you catch are directly put into the folding water bag, which can ensure that the fish you bring home are very lively.

In addition to all the tools listed above. You can also bring other tools according to your needs, such as swimming rings, slippers, portable fans, etc. I think that with these tools, fishing at night will become easier and more enjoyable.

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