Share a Review, Get the Keyboard Free!


Hi, friends, thanks for everyone continuous support, we’re now launching an activity called “Share a Review, Get the Keyboard Free!”. As long as you have once purchased products from TOMTOP, you’ll have the opportunity to join it.

How to participate and win?
1. Like us first.
2. Post a review (photo + text or video + text) about TOMTOP’s products on our Facebook wall —>
3. In the text, you should contain the product’s sku and link.
4. In the photo or video, you would appear in front of the camera and the photo’s size is at least 800px * 800 px.
5. This activity has four rounds. For each round, we’ll pick up 5 lucky guys. The better your review is, the more chance you win.
6. Every participant will get $3 gift cards.

1. Every winner will get a keyword
2. Every participant will get $3 gift cards.

Come and Join, Buddies !!!
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