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Probably most of us have had the experience of living with dogs. Give your dog some toys to make it more active, and spend some time with it every day to play with it. Let your pet do more sports and exercise, you and your pet will get double happiness and double harvest. We live with dogs, so we need to care about their health, and we also need to dress up our pet dogs when we go out.

Pet decoration-make your dog as charming as you

Pet dog clothes, dog clothes make your dog look more stylish and cute. If it is winter, thick dog clothes can also play a role in resisting the cold. Such as Dog Cool T-Shirt Dog Summer Vest, polyester material, breathable, lightweight, suitable for daily wear, walking, outdoor, sports, home. Ventilated mesh can help dogs keep cool in the hot summer. When taking the dog out to play at night, can protect the dog from mosquito bites. The elastic material allows the dog to do whatever it wants.

Pet toys-make your pet dog happier

Dog Rope Toy Dog Chew Toy, it is made of natural non-toxic cotton material. It can be chewed to relieve the pain of gum inflammation. It is easy to clean. There are 7 different toys for your dog to chew, grab and play with. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Pet dog bed, soft fleece nest, keep your puppy comfortable and warm. With a detachable and reversible internal cushion, it can be used in summer and winter to make your pet sleep more soundly.
Soft Pet Sofa Comfortable Pet Bed, available colors: Beige, dark grey, khaki, pink.

Automatic pet dog feeder, Xiaomi Mijia Smart Pet Feeder, it can be operated on the APP to control the amount of food and the frequency of feeding, making feeding more scientific and convenient. The anti-pet lock on the hopper cover prevents your pet from overeating. When there is a food shortage or abnormal situation, Xiaomi Mijia Smart Pet Feeder immediately reminds the owner through the indicator light and the Mijia APP to ensure normal feeding. With a 3.6L storage capacity, it can easily cope with daily feeding needs. Made of food contact grade materials, the detachable food funnel and feed tray are easy to clean. The built-in replaceable drying box, 360° silicone sealing ring, and revolving door all help keep fresh and moisture-proof for a long time.

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