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With the increasing popularity of HTPC, many people are looking for a nice HTPC Rii Mini Keyboard. I am also looking for one of many. I am now T61 docking station connected via a mini-HDMI video and coaxial digital audio connections to the amplifier and the TV. I had the solution includes a collapsible Thinkoutside brand Targus Bluetooth wireless keyboard and a remote control Multi presentation. The latter when the mouse is used, you can also control the volume, the former Provisional be a keyboard. Also I have a Bluetooth mouse, but because when using the mouse or the need to find a plane so the trackball Targus more practical, this wireless presentation remote inconvenience is the battery is too weak, and replace the battery every time need to “match”, is very inconvenient. I had intended to start last year, Lenovo’s new multimedia wireless keyboard, but look a little big head online evaluation that is most important is not backlit (LX engineers do not know how to think!). Rii just saw this online mini-keyboard/touch pad to enter one, and here that point feelings, to intend to start with a friend to provide suggestions:

Let me talk about the advantages of Mini Wireless Keyboard:
1. Small size, the size of the old models of flat-panel phone
2. Work well, definitely worthy of this price
3. RF receivers can be put into the keyboard for easy carrying
4. With a backlight, this is a must for HTPC applications, by contrast, think of a multimedia mini keyboard is not backlit
5. The use of RF, do not like Bluetooth as the need to match, plug and play! And the computer can use a boot (need to wait until the Bluetooth keyboard to enter the operating system before using)
6. With a laser pointer function, associated with the built-in touch pad can turn 90 degrees through a combination of the direction buttons, easy to use.
8. With the multimedia control keys (Fn key to be used in conjunction with, you will see it mentioned)
9. Built-in rechargeable battery, charging via mini USB Interface

The following are disadvantages
1. The touch pad is not very sensitive, with the t61, the current page features not get rolling
2. What are the age of the touch pad or recessed, the maneuver the power switch? Do not understand why you want to set such a switch? People may be treated more like a HTPC keyboard, like a traditional TV remote control, get up and be able to use that. I can understand if the case had been opened would be more cost electricity, but why can not Logitech harmony remote as a built-in motion sensor, so that when you pick up automatically when the remote control to recover from sleep
3. The key to open the backlight? Also do not understand, why not built a light sensor, when the light automatically turn on the backlight when the dark? Or simpler, the default button for 5 seconds after the backlight?
4. To achieve multi-media control functions (Play, volume, etc.), must be the corresponding function key Fn +, very inconvenient, do not know the designer’s mind is a keyboard not being Lv played, bought most of this mini-keyboard are for HTPC multimedia control, who would buy this type of pure! !
5. July 5 WIN Nisshin plus there is no specific key (can only use the Fn + Ctrl), under the WIN7 inconvenient, can not quickly switch the screen (WIN + P), can be considered one of the design flaw.

Overall, this thing also visit the many cheap HTPC is in Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad, a competitive comparison. Have been holding try before you buy mentality (and then out), the current view can be retained for some time. Also lamented the design flaws the product itself, but also doomed many of its competitors can not. Also recently saw a report, the upcoming traditional remote control + combo mini keyboard slide-out products, and some expectations.

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