iPad Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard


iPad is undoubtedly the founder of the times to create a flat! It is a major characteristic is the use of capacitive touch screen, sliding easily manipulated by the fingers. Although the iPad perfected the touch experience, but through a virtual keyboard for text input speed and unmatched physical keyboard. For notebook users like to use iPad, they want to appear on the market iPad keyboard products. So Apple iPad official produced a special iPad Bluetooth keyboard, but its high price and a single function to allow domestic users to stay away … So you can have a new choice! It is this network to reach iPad Chinese leather protection package + Bluetooth Keyboard dual-use products.

iPad Wireless Keyboard has three notable features, one is the built-in physical keyboard, users can experience close to PC input. The second is the whole body using fine leather material, not only feel comfortable but also highlights the dignity. Third, it has the function of protection package that can provide comprehensive protection for the iPad. Thus, this product greatly enhance the cost-effective, full interpretation of the “land and sea amphibious Trinity” concept.

Products using the superior black leather material, leather good. Not only feel very comfortable and have good wear resistance. Other products work fine, very neat thread. Protection package is also stitched a Bluetooth keyboard soft hay, which is the core selling point of the product, which allows support for keyboard text entry capabilities iPad.

The leather cover part of the protection package magnets used, the appearance quite similar to the briefcase. Dimensions 24.3cm (length)×18.9cm (W), iPad body fit perfectly. When the iPad into one, the only exposed part of the side of a small frame, 95% of the basic realization of effective protection. And because the protection package with leather material, so a degree of shock absorbing characteristics, the general bump and beat and will not cause damage to body iPad.

Open this protection package, a huge black Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard appeared. We can also look to protect the package using the “two fold” design, can be very easy to open and close. Products were presented a charge line, this line interface similar to the MicroUSB mouth, but it was not MicroUSB line, so users need to take proper care in case of loss may need to find manufacturers purchased.

This product is the core of the selling points of the Bluetooth keyboard, the keyboard uses a soft material, feel slightly soft in terms of relative plastic keyboards. Subject to requirements of product size and portability, the keyboard is not a full-size keyboard design, keycap only 70% of the full-size keyboard size. The length of the keyboard is similar with the iPad length, only 24cm or so. When the user first needs to use the keyboard after a period of adaptation.

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