Remote controller earphone kit for PSP2000/3000


As a powerful handheld entertainment devices, PSP addition to the machine itself, the peripheral equipment is also much concern. PSP gamers to play using the machine, listening to music, watching videos, when, in addition to enjoy the wonderful pictures of small P apart from the pursuit of sound quality can not be neglected. A good headset, the ability to hide the shortcomings of PSP sound quality, the advantages of amplification, to create an immersive feeling that this is especially for key players. Shopping guide this issue we start from the PSP’s sound quality characteristics, as we carefully selected the following match for a variety of 500 PSP headphones, ear plugs for you to enjoy the PSP brings P Friends of the visual impact. (PSP Earphone)

How to buy a headset for PSP, we must first understand the PSP’s sound quality characteristics. Sony PSP heritage accomplishments in audio circles for many years, the sound with a typical Japanese style. PSP has a low noise floor, the sound clean and restore the precise tenor, the advantages of a broad sound field, in the performance of Newage and classical music particularly well, for some, like the female voice as Faye Wong, PSP can clear their interpretation of the head voice; however small P function repeatedly, is a portable device, so with many of the portable PSP device, with output of small, weak bass shortcomings. PSP ohm output power high-end headphones probably make a lot of their prohibitive, while PSP users are also referred to as not “lower body” of the machine, so when we buy some in the purchase of low impedance, high sensitivity headphones, earplugs, so as to enable small P better sound.(PSP Headphone)

Sunrise 2
Perfect match index: ★ ★ ★
IF ability to emphasize the performance of SR2, SR2 is in the details of the performance is in place. SR2 features and advantages of PSP fully consistent sound, if you’d listen to the voices and Newage and other light music, then SR2 is a hundred dollars or less a good choice.

Perfect match index: ★ ★ ★
New version of the R02 using the latest technology of biological materials (composite diaphragm) to develop ultra-high-fidelity drive unit, high frequency is more slender, weak bass also changed the style of earlier versions, has become deep and real and natural.

Perfect match index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Impedance of small, high sensitivity (16 Euro / 121dB) characteristics, so a new generation of K324P in mid-ear noise floor detector, with noise floor clean PSP called match.(Sony PSP Headphone)

Sennheiser MX5 60
Perfect match index: ★ ★ ★ ★
Sennheiser innovative applications “basswind” technology that allows MX560 sound more calm, more solid bass. MX560 for the performance of popular music is most vividly.



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