2010 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair LED lighting Watch-LED light bulbs and lamps


In the exhibition, almost everywhere LED bulbs and lamps on display section, whether it is a professional LED packaging manufacturers, the traditional light bulb or LED lighting manufacturers of the new entrants, almost all of the expansion of these products display, providing a different connector, brightness specifications, and different wattage, color rendering and color temperature to meet customer needs.

All kinds of LED e27 bulb and light bar 1

Megaman will display LED CROWN SILVER emphasize its unique silver-plated top of the bulb design.

Megaman LED crown silver 1

Bright lighting manufacturers on display 360. The light 5W E26 & E27 Light Bulb.

Bright 360. LED Bulb 1

Part of LED lighting in addition to table lamps are also contending, most of the Light Bulb design are from mainland China manufacturers. Mainland China has been booming in the traditional lamps, so in this exhibition, have been seen many companies will be applied to the LED lighting design. Though not necessarily all the main light source, but secondary light source, or special lighting effects are also quite a number. The mainland can be expected in the LED lighting manufacturers design application is relatively positive, which will be LED lighting manufacturer Lighting design will also be integrated into the main rapidly becoming mainstream.

The display LED lighting manufacturers in Europe and America also Megaman, Aromas, Bright, and Philips.

LED luminaire / Aromas 1

Through this exhibition, we also saw the Philips LED lighting layout in the positive, which published a series of new products, applications in the family living room, bedroom, study, kitchen, bathroom, changing shape. When we will also focus on the replacement of the LED light bulb lighting and commercial lighting market, Philips has designed a series of characteristics for the LED for the consumer market (consumer market) of new lighting fixtures, and to show the layout of the lighting solution provider, reveal clearly its 2015 arrival of 50% LED lighting market ambition.

LED luminaires / Philips 1

Philips’s built-in ambience (lighting solution) with a remote control switch lights, LED Light Bulb through the built-in IC, a wireless remote control can control up to 100 lights, remote control distance of up to 30 to 50 meters, after the home The lamps can be controlled through a wireless remote control.

Philips lighting solution 1

In addition, also seen at the exhibition venue will be wind, solar LED lighting system integrated into the product. The rapid evolution in technology, new energy and green energy development has become an important trend.

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