PS3 and Wii wireless controller charger exposure!


Different from the existing host next-generation consoles, a notable feature of the standard of the remote controller charger, no electrical wires and distance limitations of troubled players gaming experience becomes more free. However, the question has cropped up, the first is the handle of the battery consumption issues, such as the PS3 and X360 can handle through the USB interface to charge the better, while the Wii’s motion sensing controller is not connected because the function of the host charge, so charging handle The problem becomes more urgent.

Peripheral manufacturer Nyko in CES 2007 (International Consumer Electronics Show), two publicly PS3 and the Wii controller corresponding special charger, charging handle will no longer be troubled by the player’s problems. Nyko PS3 Controller Charger This company handles the design for the four ps3 remote controller charger can handle charge, as long as the handle on the charger plug on the power supply can draw a line, and very convenient.

Wii charger designed to be more thoughtful, considering the Wii’s motion sensing controller is used in the design of a replaceable battery, PS3 Charger also comes with two rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries, the battery on the back also comes with a rubber material slip cover, to prevent the handle in the course of the game sell out of harm innocent people. Both products are currently not priced, the specific release date has not been determined, further details pending an official message.

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