Let Dance Mat Help You Keep Slim


Do you want to loose weight easily when you are “lazy” to go to the gym or swimming pool, especially when you are mentally and physically exhausted? Have you heard that you can lose weight simply by playing computer games and dancing in your house? You can! Dance Mat is not only fun, it can help you loose weight as well.

dance mat

Dancing on the dance mat, the kind of beat to follow to control screen “dancing” feeling, has earned radiant young love. Dance Mat not only fitness, but also “through the trials, ” the escalating entertainment features, edge experience sports, while the challenge. It can be described as robust in much of the leisure and fitness field. Whether you bought a dance mat at home, or repairing a thousand dollars of A + series of health and motions players, do not jump is to the game room arcade. “Once the jump, a tired body and mind become relaxed, unconsciously fitness, it is only addictive entertainment.” National social sports instructor, Professor Wang Yan, Beijing Bodybuilding Association Executive Committee recommendations, jump preferably not more than 1 hour, fitness weight loss should also have Zhang relaxation.

The expert said that if the continuous jump all the way up, and soon will become a strenuous exercise, anaerobic exercise state appears, is very detrimental to the body, weight loss is weak. Because aerobic exercise is the best weight loss exercise, characterized by low intensity, rhythmic, uninterrupted, on the skill requirements not high, like walking, running, swimming, dancing, kind of aerobic exercise can consume excess body fat. The tests showed that 0.454 kg of fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories, brisk walk twice a day (120 meters per minute) for 20 minutes, and 14 days can lose half kg. So dance in the dance mat can speed as fast walking, and generally moderate exercise intensity, exercise for 30 minutes or more will be able to achieve fitness weight loss goals.

Dancing on the dance mat regularly, preferably several times a week. The more times you play, the better your weight loss results. Enjoy the dancing! If you just have fun dancing to the songs, it won’t seem like exercise and you’ll be more likely to keep it up. China Wholesale online store TOMTOP offer high quality dance mats for our customers, shopping online now!

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