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PaMu Headphones and Sabbat x12 Value Performance Online


Is there a headset that replaces Apple AirPods? Before Apple introduced AirPods, there was no wireless smart headset concept on the market. Powerful like Apple, with the interview of AirPods, the market has begun to pay attention to this niche area. Therefore, many manufacturers, including domestic and foreign companies, have begun to deploy. Various companies are trying to replicate Apple’s model, and an ideal compact headset version is being introduced. PaMu headphones and Sabbat x12 and other related products have emerged.

About PaMu Headphones

PaMu is a TWS headset that combines sophisticated design with high technology. Designers lean to create a blend of culture and design. PaMu products are soft and have no sharp edges and corners, simple and harmonious, and deep inclusive; the opening and closing method of the bouncing and rotating, similar to the opening of the spaceship, at the same time, the magical sense of technology is transformed. The ergonomic design of the earphones is comfortable to wear, waterproof and sweat-proof, and has touch and speed matching functions. The 10mm sound element drive makes the 6-gram earphones have strong and stable clear sound.

Is there a headset that replaces Apple AirPods? PaMu headphones, Sabbat x12 value performance online.

PaMu headphones external media evaluation includes: Apple AirPods’ excellent alternatives: and more suitable for sports use! From the price point of view, PaMu headphones compared to Apple’s earlier Apple AirPods is not inferior, but the price is five times lower than Apple. In fact, this is the consistent practice of domestic manufacturers, using the same performance and value, but using a lower price, directly to the international manufacturers to reduce the impact of the United States, thus achieving a good market.

PaMu’s comfortable wearing and layering of sound quality. After the user experience at the technology exhibition, I said: “I am a skipping enthusiast who loves music. I can’t guarantee that it will not fall off when I wear different earphones. PaMu really solves this problem!” Visible, PaMu headphones still have sports. More good use of the scene.

About the Sabbat x12 headset:

The Sabbat x12 headphones are positioned young, which can be seen from the appearance of the product’s face value. Compared with the current simple and simple color of Apple, the color positioning of Sabbat X12 is very consistent with the aesthetics of the younger generation. There are six fantastic styles of flame, dance, anger, night, illusion and hail. In other words, Sabbat X12 can meet the individual needs of most consumers, which is one of the characteristics. The Sabbat X12 Bluetooth headset is truly wireless, and the use of the scene and wearing is satisfactory, ideal for sports or driving. In terms of use, the Sabbat x12 headset can be implemented with physical buttons including music play/pause, power on/off, and on/off calls. This is also very rich in functionality for a smaller product.

Wireless headsets generally have a charging box, which is consistent with Apple’s products. The battery capacity of the Sabbat x12 headphone charging box is 750mAh, which is quite good on battery life. It can talk for about 3 hours in a row, and the battery with a built-in 60mAh capacity has a charging time of about 1 hour. Overall, they are a very balanced product.

Sony WF-1000X/NM

Sony is a world-class manufacturer and enjoys a high reputation in the technology industry. The Sony WF-1000X/NM headset is also a very wireless product. The Sony WF-1000X/NM mini-sized headphones provide consumers with a truly wireless smart noise reduction experience. The simple streamlined design is solid and can automatically select a matching ambient sound or noise reduction scheme based on your status. Sony is Sony, its WF-1000X/NM headphones can be separated from the left and right, can be called a true wireless headset, and support Bluetooth connectivity, NFC connection and so on.

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