Mini Bluetooth Mouse Buying Guide


Looking for a mouse for your laptop? Mini Bluetooth Mouse obviously your best choice, because of the advantage of not having to worry about wires and also the added space from fewer wires. With the mini Bluetooth mouse, there is no need to worry about moving out of range. To keep things as simple as possible I’ll just talk about the different features that you need to take into consideration while buying mini Bluetooth Mouse.

Mouse Sensor

There are three types of sensor, mechanical, optical and laser. Nowadays, the mechanical one is too much outdated because it is only used on trackballs. What you can see in the stores as far as mice go are the optical and laser sensors. The optical mouse uses light to detect movement, so it is more precise than the mechanical, also since the sensor never touches the surface you get no dirt on it, so you really don’t have to deal with maintenance. This light is not harmful to the eye, usually it is red in color because that is the color with less wavelength, so far so good, but this sensor will have trouble moving in textured and uneven surfaces, you can use this on your desk directly, but not your leg, or in glass. As far as DPI go, optical can reach a rough max of 1000DPI, more than enough for the regular computer usage.

Now the laser is a different story, same principle as the optical, but it uses a laser to do so, it is a lot more precise, as it can now reach up to 4000DPI, uses even less power as the optical and has no trouble with rough or uneven surfaces, the only downside is that you shouldn’t point the sensor to your eye, since it works with radiation that could pose a problem. A few years ago I would say you should only go for a laser if you work in 3D or a first person shooter gamer, since all these applications need a lot of precision, but nowadays the price optical and laser is roughly the same, so I would advice you to shell out a bit more and get the best possible, specially if you are using this in a laptop in bed or in other standard places, and a mini Bluetooth mouse that can deal with rough surfaces is a must.

Battery Life Indicator

Since we are talking about a wireless mouse, the mouse will need some sort of batteries, despite some models claim they can last half a year, eventually you will run out of battery life, and will need to recharge or get a new set. Sometimes that can happen while you are just browsing at home in your relax time, or during a very important work related presentation when you are already a bit stressed out. If your Bluetooth mouse has a battery life indicator, this situation can be avoided.

The Number of Buttons

There is one important factor your should consider before buying a mini Bluetooth mouse, you should consider the number of buttons you mouse has. Typically, it will have two buttons, some advanced mice offer more buttons, which can be programmed for specific actions. The most popular mouse is Mini Bluetooth PC Keyboard Mouse. With the Bluetooth keyboard mouse watch movies, view photos, and listen to music from your computer without having to touch your mouse or keyboard. This remote acts like a wireless mouse + keyboard. Small compact design fits in the palm of your hand, QWERTY layout keypad. With it, you will never need a keyboard and mouse again. Perfectly fits tablet PC. If you don’t want a normal Bluetooth mouse, why not try this one. It is available on just $55.65 with worldwide free shipping.

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