Novel remote control digital Watch


Are you still holding the remote controller of the TV to watch tv? Quickly changed it, Own the multi-functional TV DVD VCR Sets Remote Control Digital Calculator Watch. This is a watch-style remote controller, it can control many kinds of media sets. Yet still functions as a working watch that can be worn every day.

This digital watch looks very ordinary from the appearance, but it’s a multi-functionaldigital watch, Through the small touch screen of the watch, it can control many of the TV channel or DVD player. However, this watch is less powerful than the Spy Cameras wireless Watch, can’t records video and audio, takes photographs, but it’s more powerful than ordinary watch. It’s easy to use, just need a CR2032 Battery to use supply the power. If the watch display not very clear, you only need to replace a new battery with same mode.

Many kinds of TV can be remote control in the world, this watch also can do. You only adjust the password of the TV, you can freely switch to any TV channels and sound. When you are in bars, airports, banks and hospitals, you also can switch TV channels, most important you don’t need to trouble others, only use this Novel remote control watch.

This remote control watch is new offer by China wholesale center–Tomtop. Many young people like it, but most of them regard it as a gift for their family and friends. Furthermore, it also has a luminous function, even in a dark room you also can use it. Of course, It also include the functions of the general electronic watch, such as time, alarm clock, calendar and other functions.

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