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Many have wondered how to crush to change their shape, while the meaning of “from scratch” the hair is always the first to be chosen as the object of a rectification, “as real” change shape to become the New Year many people choose beauty. Reporters from the provincial capital more than a wig dealer know, with the year is approaching, wigs increasingly popular sales, while the price level of missing wig, from tens of dollars to nearly ten thousand dollars.(cheap wigs)

The provincial capital market gradually warming wig

In recent days, journalists in the provincial capital more than a wig shop to see many young girls are trying to try on wigs. “New Year approached, wanted to have a new look. But now half-length hair, not less, to the barber shop cut will not necessarily look good, wanted to try a wig. Many of my colleagues in our office bought a wig.” Springs are Road, a shopping selection of wigs wigs counter Chen said.

“Winter is the peak season for sales of wigs, do not consider the problem of cloudy rainy and humid, and the wig feels almost like wearing a hat, you can also play a role in warm.” Shop Purchasing Guide, told reporters, into November, she has wig store sales situation has been very good, “here and now to the New Year, many girls to buy to prepare for the home New Year’s, you want the family to a new image.” said the salesperson to buy a wig ladies, all ages are young girls tend to fashion an alternative hair; long hair and curly hair have become a favorite middle-aged women.( Hair Wigs )

Several hundred million dollars to nearly all

50-year-old sister told reporters that Zhang is now perm, hair color frequently or even a thousand dollars to several hundred dollars, damage the hair did not say, but can not remain for a long time, buy a wig to go back and re-dress, the price is not high, and the results not bad. “I have always bought this product on the market wig only 120 dollars, much cheaper than a perm.”

The Ten Road in a large mall, the reporter saw a brand actually a wig to 8000 yuan. Purchasing Guide shop told reporters that the prices so high in addition to the brand benefits, the main difference is the workmanship. “This is a real hair wig and 70%, 30% silk temperature setting, and is made of pure hand-woven. Wear more comfortable, and good ventilation, also can reserve a stylist to help take care of.”

A hair salon stylist East Mountain Division, currently on the market can be divided into real hair wig material classes and two man-made synthetic hair products. The advantage of hair products really strong sense of reality, but also can be dyed, the disadvantage is expensive and not easy to shape, the price is about three or four thousand dollars. The artificial hair products relatively cheaper price, if the choice of imported materials can be achieved in the look, feel, color, and other aspects of sag as much as the effect of real hair, the price from 100 yuan to 300 yuan. “In the past most of the wigs are machine woven in the summer when the ventilation is not good to wear, compared with the real hair is hand-woven more comfortable to wear.” (Human Hair Wigs)

Teach you pick the wig industry

Liu wig business operations, told reporters five years, man-made synthetic wigs and fiber of the network at the end of toxic and irritating, long-term harm to wear their hair and scalp. Fine good hair wig, hand-made more refined, more like real scalp, ventilate effect. In addition, the best time of purchase and feel comfortable trying on.

In addition, the stylists also suggested that the woman can choose a round face that can cover the cheeks of the hair style, make the face longer behave as much as possible, so that face look petite. Oval face, choose a number of fringe forty-six seven points or three joints, the overall big wave style wig, flowing lines set off the jaw in place, make the whole face looked lively and had a sense of flow lines. Square face, both sides should try to choose some lower level, hair curly hair, will make the face look softer.( Long Hair Wigs )

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