Moist Air Car Humidifier Negative is Good for Skin


Renault has announced that the company and the French L’Oreal (L’Oreal) Group, the French manufacturer of skin care products Biotherm (Biotherm) jointly developed a vehicle air-conditioning to protect the skin.(Car Humidifier)


The air-conditioning for the public at the Frankfurt auto show electric concept car “ZOE ZE” developed, in order to reduce the air inside the vehicle occupant impact the skin, increasing the humidity adjustment function, distribution function smell and air purification. Humidity adjustment function is mainly used when the car dry, humidified air for the cabin. Air purification functions, equipped with a particulate filter (Particulate Filter), according to the need to close the suction toxic sensors.(Air Humidifier)

ZOE ZE is listed on the 2012 Renault electric concept car, the design of production cars and concept cars are different. In addition to lithium-ion rechargeable battery with power supply as a driver, the roof is still embedded in the solar panels to generate electricity for the ventilation system. Lithium-ion rechargeable battery power and fast through the home charger. In addition, the car can replace the battery. Charging with a household power needs 4 to 5 hours, with a 20-minute fast charger, replacement battery time only about 3 minutes.(Ionic Humidifier)

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