Comment on Movie The Social Network – Deep Sense is Simple, Reality is Priceless


Since we are at the age of Network, we must see the movie – The Social Network. It records the Founder of Facebook, the youngest billionaire in the world, another genius who dropped out of college and start his own business. The subject matter itself is much more fantastic than any other treasure stories. Please don’t treat it only as a movie, it is an indignity for The Social Network. We should think about what the fantastic rising of Facebook brings to us?

In 1993, The New Yorker published a cartoon joke. The cartoon features: two dogs sitting in front of a computer, one speaking to the other: “On the internet, nobody knows you are a dog”. This is the history.

For today’s Internet, everybody knows who you are, your favorite, your friends, even your whereabouts. This is Facebook – where everyone universally show themselves by real name, and meanwhile Facebook offers the users a space to show who they are and what they are thinking.

The virtual internet leads evil humanity to an extreme. Everybody there can do all bad things they want and there is no need to worry about the real world principles, because what sitting in front of the computer could be a “dog”. What’s worse is that the virtual feature becomes the biggest obstacle restricting development of the Internet. Lack credibility and corrupt rules, such society must be give birth to a new revolution. Facebook is born under this background, which satisfies their thirst for reality. Facebook moves the relational network in the real society to the internet, which results in the internet becomes a mirror of the reality. In this mirror, people fill in their real information, treat each other honestly, cherish reputation, learn without worry , discuss, make friends, voice sentiment, play games, shop online, share every single trifles… the users lingering here, the third party service provider developing every function you want, and advertisers targeting the precise customers, this is, of course, an another real world.

How much is the value of our real world worth? Is the value can measured by money? So, any discussion of Google or Facebook who will rule the future will soon become a joke.

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