PS3 MOVE Remote Controller Charging Stand 4-Sockets US/EU


PS3 move MOVE somatosensory handle Charger Charger Charger spot made good use of the same features with the original! Spot with a USB charging cable that is made in support of any two of the move handle (includes left and right)

This product is suitable for use in the PS MOVE charge controller with two cradle port, you can at the same time 2PCS PS MOVE controller charging, charging and collection holder function as one. Beautiful and practical. With snap function, two specifications of the PS MOVE adaptive controller, whether the navigation controller or dynamic controller can be firmly placed in the cradle. (ps3 controller charger

With LED charging indicator: power on LED indicator light cradle two blue light. When access to PS MOVE controller and start charging, the corresponding LED lights red, the charge saturated light into blue light. 1PCS USB connector with dual-charging cable. (playstation 3 controller charger

User Manual (Instructions) 1. To complete the double connector USB charging cable connected to PS3 or PC host any two USB interfaces on the device, and then charge the other end of the line to a double charge (Note: Be sure to first charging cable connected to the host, connect to the double charge, or they may not use or cause crashes.) 2. The PS MOVE handle access products in the correct direction to start charging cradle port. 3. In the cradle connected to the controller, set the controller on the controller sling placed in the back of the line in the controller charger cord into the corresponding part of the placement of slots, so as not to affect the smooth controller access stand. 4. Please do not force the controller to access the opposite direction, or cradle, otherwise may damage the controller or device. Attention (ps3 dual charge stand

Note 1. Please do not put the place in damp or high temperature storage. 2. Please do not use chemical solvents to clean this product! For cleaning, wipe gently with a damp cloth! 3. Please do not disassemble the charger to transform, to avoid damage to equipment. 4. Please do not vigorously throwing, smashing, or intention to make the damage to the product of bad behavior. 5. The proper use and proper maintenance of this product may extend its service life.

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