Haylou GT1 Pro TWS Wireless Earphones Black

Listen to the Gospel, Haylou GT1 true wireless Bluetooth headset

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As a lazy person who likes to listen to songs, he felt that the wired headset wire control was very troublesome, so he bought more than one hundred wireless headphones. I thought I could finally liberate my hands. I didn’t expect to buy it but found that there was no song cutting function. If I wanted to cut the song, I still had to take out my phone. I felt really tired. Looking at other headsets on the market that support Qige, the fancy price is also a few hundred soft sister coins, making the poor I have been hesitating. Until recently I saw Haylou GT1 Bluetooth headset, I just want to say, finally wait for you!

The original price of this headset at Tomtop.com is $ 44.49, and the Flash Sale price is only $ 27.49. I certainly will not miss this opportunity to wear wool. After I bought it back, um, I made a profit.

Let ’s talk about functions first. I have to say that the function of switching up and down is simply the gospel of my lazy person! When listening to the song, touch the left ear twice to switch the previous song, and touch the right ear twice to switch the next song. Finally, you can no longer take out your phone to open the music player. Other functions such as playing / pausing music, answering / hanging up the phone, and awakening the voice assistant can also be achieved by touch. The operation is really very convenient ~ similar to AirPods, but the price is only one-tenth of it. Who wouldn’t be thrilled after reading it?

Of course, I bought it mainly for listening to songs, and the sound quality requirements are quite high. In addition to the highlight of cutting songs, its sound quality is also one of the reasons why I did not hesitate to start. This earphone has a built-in 7.2mm moving coil speaker, coupled with a polymer resin diaphragm and DSP intelligent digital noise reduction processing module, and the sound is true and stereo. The big dynamic circle is very friendly for people who like to listen to pop music, especially bass, and the bass dive is deep and powerful. Putting on headphones is a paradise for subwoofer lovers. Very comfortable, not harsh at all.

This headset has become the favorite of this lazy person listening to songs ~ Especially when walking on the road to listen to songs, the mobile phone is left in your pocket without having to worry about it, and you can cut the song directly by touching the headset. It is safe and convenient. Meet the needs of this lazy man.

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