Lenovo S5 Pro GT review

Lenovo S5 Pro GT review


Speaking of a hundred yuan machine, most people think that a hundred yuan machine is equivalent to an elderly machine. Poor processor performance, poor screen quality, etc. are all described in one word as “poor”. The entry hundred yuan machine has always been the lowest price in the entire smart phone market. Therefore, mobile phone manufacturers do not pay much attention to entry-level 100 yuan machines, because most consumers are not too concerned. And those who will start to get started with the 100 yuan machine, consumers who do not know the phone configuration at all. The sales target of the 100 yuan machine is mainly the elderly and some students.

When it comes to a hundred yuan entry mobile phone, everyone may think of Xiaomi’s Redmi series mobile phones for the first time, but with the independence of Redmi, Redmi mobile phones have also started to impact high-end flagship mobile phones. But there is another manufacturer, maybe everyone knows him better is his computer, he is — Lenovo! But as the leader of the computer industry, it has quietly returned for a while after launching the mobile phone circle. Just last year, Lenovo also held a number of mobile phone conferences, large and small, and released a variety of mobile phones, as low as a thousand yuan machine, as high as a thousand yuan flagship phone, but Lenovo mobile phone sales are not very high. However, recently, the price of a thousand-yuan machine plunged into the ranks of the truly fragrant hundred-yuan machine. For example, the original thousand yuan machine Lenovo S5 Pro GT, using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, is definitely the most cost-effective among entry-level hundred yuan machines. When it was just released, the 6 + 64GB version of the Lenovo S5Pro GT was originally priced at 1298 and has now fallen to 798.

The Lenovo S5 Pro GT is equipped with the Snapdragon 660 processor, which was a very popular mid-range processor last year. Its gaming performance is very good. 6GB of running memory is the biggest competitiveness of this phone in the price of 800.

In addition, Lenovo S5 Pro GT is equipped with a bangs screen with 1080P resolution, which is considered to be the second competitiveness, because thousand yuan machines are equipped with 1080P resolution as standard, while entry-level hundred yuan machines are still using 720P resolution.

In terms of taking pictures, Lenovo S5 Pro GT claims to have an idol-level selfie, a front selfie camera with 2000W pixels, and an 800W infrared camera. The main role of infrared cameras is in face unlocking. Lenovo S5 Pro GT with infrared cameras can also use face unlocking in dark environments. It can be said that other hundred yuan entry machines do not have it. Rear 1200W + 2000W Sony rear dual camera, camera performance is also a very good choice in the hundred yuan machine.

In addition, Lenovo S5 Pro GT also has some features worth mentioning that can be regarded as advantages. The first is the material, which uses a full metal body, which will have a better texture than plastic. Also very resistant to falling.

The most noteworthy point is that Lenovo S5 Pro GT also supports dual-channel stereo speakers. This is very competitive. Even many of the current flagship phones of 2,000 and 3,000 do not support dual speakers. This is not available on other hundred-yuan machines.

In addition, Lenovo S5 Pro GT is also equipped with a large 3500mAh battery, which supports 18W fast charging.

In terms of comprehensive quality, as a thousand yuan machine, the Lenovo S5 Pro GT is reflected in many aspects such as camera, screen, charging, workmanship, etc. It is definitely stronger than the entry hundred yuan machine. But why do not many people know this phone, just because it is a Lenovo phone, so many people will be disgusted in terms of brand, so sales are not much improvement, but only than the configuration, the hundred yuan machine is really better than it.

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