Redmi Router AC2100 Review

Redmi Router AC2100 Review

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Since the independent operation of the Redmi brand, its product line is becoming more and more abundant, extending the ultimate cost-effective play to more areas. On December 10th, Redmi held a new product launch conference in Beijing and launched four new heavyweight products. The Redmi router AC2100 is one of them. It has lowered the threshold of Xiaomi’s AIoT router, and the price of $ 45.99 can be called a “price killer”. So, how exactly does this product perform? Let’s experience it together.

Pure router

Nowadays, there are more and more wireless routers focusing on the home environment, and most of them adopt the fashionable shape of the built-in antenna. However, the positioning of the Redmi router AC2100 is more inclined to pure routers, so the appearance looks more traditional, similar to the earlier Xiaomi router. The flat, pure white plastic body is relatively wide, and there are a lot of cooling holes on the top and bottom, which can ensure that the router will not be disconnected or crashed due to heat dissipation.

There are two LED indicators on the top of the fuselage, which respectively show the power supply and external network connection. The back of the fuselage is equipped with a power connector, a reset button, a WAN port and three LAN ports. It is a traditional routing configuration. It is simple to use but does not support mixed insertion. In addition, because the body does not have a USB interface, external hard disks cannot be used to form LAN storage. Two mounting holes are reserved at the bottom of the fuselage. Students who are used to hanging the router will feel more convenient.

Powerful faction of six antennas

In fact, the most striking feature of the Redmi router AC2100 is the striking six antennas. Six 5dBi omnidirectional high-gain antennas plus six high-performance signal amplifiers can effectively enhance the signal transmission power and improve the signal receiving sensitivity, making the signal transmission distance longer, the coverage wider, and the wall penetration performance better. For more complex indoor environments, the Redmi router AC2100 has a good coverage effect.

The Redmi router AC2100 uses a single-core MT7621A dual-core four-threaded CPU with a main frequency of up to 880MHz, which has higher comprehensive performance and can achieve a theoretical wireless rate of up to 2033Mbps (AC2100 level). It is equipped with a 128MB cache and can stably connect 128 devices. High-speed Internet access can still be maintained by each device.

The 5GHz band of the Redmi router AC2100 has 4 × 4 MU-MIMO quad-receiving and four-transmitting technology. Compared with the traditional 2 receiving and 2 sending routers, the Redmi router AC2100 can give full play to the Wi-Fi performance of high-end devices and bring a smoother gaming and video experience. At the same time, the Redmi router AC2100 supports BeamForming beamforming technology, which can detect and sense the position of the mobile phone or computer in the network coverage, enhance the transmission signal of the location, and make the effective coverage of Wi-Fi wider and the signal quality more stable. From the actual test, in the case of two indoor walls separated, the 2.4GHz band signal of the Redmi router AC2100 is still full, but the transmission rate is slightly reduced. Although the signal in the 5GHz band is slightly weaker, it can still maintain a stable connection and data transmission.

New entrance for Xiaomi smart home

The biggest change in the era of the smart home is that there are more and more AIoT devices in the home that need to be connected to the Internet. As a key part of the Xiaomi smart home system, the Redmi router AC2100 will naturally provide network optimization for smart devices. As long as Xiaomi smart home products are used with Mijia APP, you can configure Xiaomi AIoT devices to access the network without manually entering a password. For example, our most commonly used Xiaoai speakers, Xiaomi air purifier, Xiaomi TV, Xiaomi camera, etc. can be easily connected.

The software interface of the Redmi router AC2100 is similar to that of the Xiaomi router. The main interface displays the operating status of the router, Wi-Fi password, and so on. The web version has a simple background interface and complete functions. You can adjust Wi-Fi, Internet settings, security options, LAN settings, firmware updates, and more. In the software background, we can combine or use 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band separately. In addition, the signal strength includes through-wall, normal and automatic. Users can choose according to their needs. Before using it, we can run the Wi-Fi optimization function and make intelligent decisions based on the network conditions to help users better set up the router.

In addition, the Redmi router AC2100 can also be controlled by a mobile phone, which lowers the threshold for use. Through the Xiaomi Wi-Fi APP, we can use functions such as anti-squash network, network optimization, restart plan, and intelligent speed limit. When unfamiliar devices are found, the Xiaomi Wi-Fi APP will proactively remind users that when encountering high-risk devices, they can actively prevent the devices from connecting to the network according to the security level, and can let users pull black with one click.

There is also child protection that everyone cares about most. Combining years of Xiaomi smart home experience, the Redmi router AC2100 can provide security protection for mainstream smart home devices on the market, preventing smart home devices from being attacked by the network. By setting the device’s online time and the range of URLs allowed to access, we can manage the children’s online content, get reminders and online logs of designated devices to go online, and understand the children’s online situation.

Oh, right. For gamers, the Redmi router AC2100 also has a built-in NetEase UU accelerator. As long as you have an account, you can log in to accelerate and achieve lower latency across the network. Whether it is using a computer to “eat chicken” or using PS4, Xbox One, Switch and other host games to play against each other, the Redmi router AC2100 with NetEase UU can provide a smoother game networking experience. At present, new users who use the Xiaomi Wi-Fi APP to register and bind to a NetEase UU account can get a 3-month NetEase UU member worth 90 yuan. You can understand the value of the accelerator by trying it.

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As a new member of the Xiaomi smart home system, the Redmi router AC2100 is very in line with Redmi’s style, high configuration, low price, powerful functions, simple and easy to use, it can be said to be very conscience. Multi-antenna wide coverage, multi-device access, and rich feature settings make it easier for young and home users to accept.

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