LED Shower Head Add A Little Color To Your Day


Do you hate stepping into the shower before the water has warmed up? Then you will need this Square LED Shower Head Sprinkler Temperature Sensor 3 Color. The LED lights in the shower head are powered by the water current (no batteries needed) and change color to correspond with the temperature of the water. 3 colors will display depending on the water temperature. This LED Shower fits on most connectors. The LED light will light up when you turn on the tap, offers you a colorful experience when bathing.

The LED Shower Head needs no batteries and extremal power supply, it will illuminate after water flows down. The sensitive shower head light will change colors according to the temperature of water. The color’s change remind you the water’s temperature. Water glows Red when water is Hot (temperature above 39°C). Water glows Blue when water is Warm (temperature is 32°C – 38°C). Water glows Green when water is Cold (temperature below 31°C). ABS & chroming material, excellent corrosion resistance, durable. Transforming the stream of water into a beautiful waterfall of light. Brightness is such enough even no other lighting fixtures need. Fits all standard connectors, easy to install. Offer you a delight bath & a wonderful experience. Ideal for bathroom, to make it more fantastic. Get the CE & RoHS certificates.

Compare to other LED shower head, you will find this magic shower head is just what you are looking for. The color change is very nice. The installation will be very simple (of course a instruction manual was included). Especially for kids who would be excited about taking a shower instead of a bath. There is no doubt that children will be love shower time that he cannot wait to run into shower and wonder at each color change while taking the shower. It is especially fun when we would turn off the lights in the bathroom and just let the showerhead light up the room. And this would be great gifts for all your friends.

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