Magic EL Clothes, Fashionable And Funny


Are you always feel that today is just the repeat of yesterday, tomorrow will be the copy of today? Nowadays, we all seems to be busying in working and tired of ordinary life. We have no right to choose the environment where we are live, but we can do many interesting things to make our lives full of funny. Just a little change, such as wear this magic EL Clothes. Have you ever heard that clothing can dance, you may know but not believe. The result of high technology combine with the fashion bring out the magic EL Clothes. Wear normal t-shirt will make us a little of boring, but the new t-shirt will bring you the new feeling. Enjoy great music and dance with it.

A scaled up model of a piece of clothing would be EL neon light or fluorescent light in signs and keep Ingress. The same concept has been incorporated into clothing for the pleasure of a class of people who are sure to appreciate the innovation and creativity that goes into the design. EL Clothes can a piece of cloth of a shirt or a shirt with long pants and even belts and caps are. Today, full-body clothing is available for those who desire it. What sets the apart from the crowd? If you must ask to know why EL clothes are attractive, it just means that you have not seen these cool gadgets yet. They have different colored lights that flash sometime independently of each other in a predetermined order, and sometimes even together with the music playing in the background. Have no tyou always wanted to write a party and get noticed? Well, this is the key to your chest so requests. You can be sure that if you walk into a party with EL shirt, heads will turn and you look in pure amazement.

EL Lit Glowing Equalizer animates to ambient noise or music. EL panel lights up and dynamically changes depending on sound frequency. Especially ideal for night. Unique pattern and decent design, interpret your punk/rock/hip hop/cllo/neutral style. Wearing this shirt, you’ll be an outstanding star wherever you are: disco, party, stage, concert, etc. Sound sensitivity adjustable, comfortable to wear and easy to wash. If you are a guy prepare yourself. This LED T-Shirt has been known to attract a lot of female attention, even from females with boyfriends. With this fun and attractive EL Shirt you totally eliminate those awkward first moments and make it easy to attract smiles and get people excited talk with you.

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