Chinese Puzzle Toys Kongming Lock


Kongming Lock is traditional Chinese Puzzle Toys, according to the legend, it was invented by Zhuge Liang (Zhuge Liange is a symbol of wisdom to Chinese people), who was lived in three kingdoms. The three-dimensional toys are designed very clever.

Puzzle Toys Kongming Lock has many toys, the shape and internal structure are different with easy other. Generally speaking, the only same feature of the Kongming Lock is that they are easy to disassemble but quite difficult to assemble. Both careful observation and in-depth thinking are needed when assemble Kongming Lock. You need to analyses its internal structure very carefully. The following are several types of Kongming Lock.

Kongming Lock — Snowflake

Kongming Lock — Piramid

Kongming Lock — Pig

Kongming Lock — Round Ball

Kongming Lock looks simple, but contains infinite mystery. If you don’t get the basic tips, it is difficult to complete. It’s suitable for people of all ages to play. Mystery Puzzle Toys Kongming Lock waiting for your exploration. Want to challenge your wisdom, just try the Kongming Lock.

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