kongming lock "Shenlongbaiwei" reduction


kongming lock “Shenlongbaiwei” reduction

In the absence of nails, the rope, you can cross a pile of wood fixed together? There is a kind of intellectual toys, creative wooden began in the Three Kingdoms ox, last weekend, I went to play Lanxi Zhuge Bagua Village, the stalls in the village to see such a gadget – Lanxi specialty “kongming lock.”(Wooden Puzzle Solutions

I like the kongming and Qing era furniture, that these things any country is absolutely unparalleled. Extreme fascination with traditional Chinese culture, who lamented Shensui in ancient Chinese thought, that does not need sharp nails, but have put together a very detailed process and confuse my heart, kongming made the old camphor lock, will emit a faint aroma of camphor. This is similar to Rubik’s cube toy is a lot of villagers Zhuge only toy a kid, almost every man will be produced.

Assembled by the N block of wood, there are hundreds of kinds of structures, the use of the different ways they can unlock the lock together dozens of hindsight, some of the shape of pagodas; some type of ten House, eight Cabinet-type and so on.(Creatology Wooden Puzzle)

Poker mahjong and they will think of a problem, in that without the aid of the computer era, the ancient Chinese culture is less complex to initiation of the Licensing Board and the rules? kongming lock, the wisdom of the wise man to an extreme. It is also traditional carpenters craft, according to legend the Three Kingdoms period is based on gossip Zhuge Liang made the principle of metaphysics.

The wood, with great accuracy, exactly right. Balanced, symmetrical, slowly step by step, little by little until it can be combined. Also see a small organ, to see where the gap, only to see the gap to break.

This ancient and mysterious puzzles of life of people in the big city very enlightening. I think this is just a test of intelligence or the patience, and more to understand that so many similarities, so much the same, so many could, but ultimately, by the way, is the right way to a result, other, perhaps there have been attempts, but it just frustrated. Both kongming locks, or life, probably going to have a little bit, step by step, patiently assembling it. In the face of the hands of kongming the lock, you may have carefully assembled over? And when? It can really open it?

Assembly method:

kongming wide variety of lock types, shapes and internal structures are different, seemingly simple pile of bricks, but intrinsic infinite, the fight is a kind of three-dimensional interpolation process, the internal convex part of the engagement, very clever, a in principle very complicated, unpredictable, can be considered a game is worth pondering.

kongming lock assembly requires careful observation, the shape and internal structure vary, generally easy to dismantle hard to install. Assembly requires careful observation, careful thinking, analysis of its internal structure.

The figure is a more common kongming locks, alias “Shenlongbaiwei.” The outside is the cube cross match exactly. 27 small pieces of wood with a rubber band in the form of a certain series, brains can be disassembled, and then installed is not so easy.(3D Puzzle)

After careful study, I found, “Shenlongbaiwei” is a seemingly random series of 27 small pieces of wood together, in fact, it is regular, and are arranged in this order. For ease of expression, to every small number, from 1 to 27.

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