How to play kongming lock?


Luban lock, also called gossip lock, kongming Lock, is the ancient tradition of a fixed combination of civil engineering device, which originated in ancient China’s first tenon joint construction of the structure. According to legend, the late Spring and Autumn Warring States Period from the beginning of the Lu Ban invention. (Another legend has the Three Kingdoms Period Zhuge Liang invented) that three of the fight inside the convex part of the apparatus inserted (ie, tenon joint structure) engaged, very clever. More Luban lock toys, shape and internal structure vary, generally easy to dismantle hard to install. Assembly requires careful observation, careful thinking, analysis of its internal structure. In the absence of a nail the rope, you can six wooden cross fixed together? Carpenter founder invented a method in a way to bite the intersection of three vertical strips of wood fixed, this occlusion is widely used in the construction, the Three Kingdoms period to kongming Lu Ban made this invention a toy – kongming lock. Original for the wooden structure, the outside is the cube cross match exactly, brains can be disassembled, and put on is not so easy. Reproduce the ancient wisdom, do not let the wealth of the ancients left us in the hands of our generation lost.(Puzzle Toys)

kongming lock Legend

kongming lock, according to legend the Three Kingdoms period of Zhuge Liang invented the principle of metaphysics according to gossip a toy, had been widely spread in the community. In recent years, they gradually get people’s attention, its relaxing, developing brain, nimble fingers are good, is the ages of recreational toys. kongming lock looks simple, but in the infinite mystery, but to no avail, it is difficult to complete mosaic. Is a leisure toy ages.(Wooden Puzzles)

kongming lock is an intellectual toy, are given some gaps in the wood, it requires them to put together. After years of research and development of civil, already has several different forms, the least common is a 6, there are ten more. In recent years, some deformation, into spherical, box-shaped, or even as a key chain ornaments.This toy to play with some difficulty. Without patience, casually put together, it is difficult in a short time blocks. If there is order tests, to be thought of, testing for some time, it will
suddenly succeed, people can not help but have a clear insight into joy.(Educational Toys)

We all admire the wisdom wise, so this game is called the kongming lock. Whether invented by kongming seems to unprecedented records. Because of this toy are some of the geometry of the mosaic, you need to use the space for imagination, which play such a toy, should be counted as math game.Here is the simplest solution kongming lock. Of course there are different solution, but similar. Although the law given to understand, or want to lock the kids first to get kongming, the first use our brains think, give it a try, I believe you will succeed!

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