Is The Mosquito Killer Effective?

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In summer, in addition to the hot weather that bothers us, summer mosquitoes are even more unpleasant, especially mosquitoes. Mosquitoes will not only make us full of itchy bags, but also disturb us when we sleep. Our sleep. Many people hate mosquitoes very much. Our common methods for repelling mosquitoes are to use mosquito coils, mosquito smokers, etc., but these products have a small amount of toxicity, especially for families with children and pregnant women, it is best not to use these. Is there any way to repel mosquitoes? Screen windows can be installed in the home. In addition, the popular mosquito killers can also be used. Let’s take a look at whether the mosquito killers are really useful?

Mosquitoes have phototaxis, which is a well-known thing, so if there is only one light source in the house, the probability of mosquitoes approaching this light source is very high.

The presence of carbon dioxide makes mosquitoes have a sensitive sense of smell. When the mosquitoes are 20-30 meters away from people, they can lock the approximate position of the person through the smell and carbon dioxide emitted by the human body. When the mosquitoes approach, the concentration of carbon dioxide remains the same, and the mosquitoes will Started decisively, directly pinpointed the position of the blood vessel, and began to suck blood.

What is a mosquito killer? A mosquito killer is a mosquito killer made using physical principles. Compared with other products such as mosquito coils and mosquito smokers, the mosquito killer does not use any chemicals, making it safer and safer. mild. Under normal circumstances, the mosquito killing lamp has an area of ​​up to 100 square meters. It can attract mosquitoes by simulating the carbon dioxide exhaled by the human body and the phototaxis of the mosquitoes, allowing the mosquitoes to actively run to the mosquito killer, and then pass the internal high voltage electricity or It is the exhaust fan to wipe it out.

Is the mosquito killer useful? The mosquito killer is not ineffective, but it depends on what kind of mosquito killer you choose. If it is just a simple ultraviolet light, it can only attract a part of mosquitoes, but if you use it, it can release carbon dioxide. The situation of the mosquito killer is completely different, which means that UV light and carbon dioxide kill mosquitoes at the same time, and the effect will naturally be greatly improved.

Precautions for using the mosquito killer: Do not move the mosquito killer when the power is on, so as not to damage the power cord or find accidents. When the machine is turned on, do not reach into the machine to avoid accidents. When cleaning the machine, unplug the power plug and do not operate with electricity. Do not pour water into the machine to avoid short circuit and electric shock. If there are children, pets, etc. in the home, place the mosquito killer out of reach.

The mosquito killer uses a physical method to kill mosquitoes, so it is silent, and it will not be affected when you sleep at night, and it does not add any chemical active ingredients, which will be relatively healthy to use.

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