Cheap Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard + Folding Leather Case For iPad is here


As a fan of Apple you must be interested in typing on the iPad, the iPad’s larger screen makes typing on its on-screen virtual keyboard easier than typing on the iPhone. However, most heavy typists wil attest that typing on the iPad will never be as fast as tying on a physical keyboard. The iPad does have Bluetooth Keyboard support, which helps typing speeds when writing longer documents or emails. This iPad Bluetooth Keyboard enabled witless keyboard may be the ideal alternative to the iPad’s virtual keyboard.

The iPad Bluetooth Keyboard uses the iPad’s built-in Bluetooth functionality to deliver a simple and responsive typing experience for iPad end users without having to be tethered to your iPad with a dock. It is also a suitable replacement for the touch screen functions with the native keyboard shortcuts. Setting up the keyboard to partner with your iPad is very easy. Touch iPad Bluetooth Keyboard’s power button on the right side of the keyboard till you see the green indicator light turn on. Next, go into your iPad’s Bluetooth settings to pair the iPad Bluetooth Keyboard. That’s it!

iPad Bluetooth Keyboard

This keyboard with folding leather case is especially designed for iPad use. It can make you enjoy your iPad more freely and provide best care for it. A good choice for all iPad Users. TOMTOP offers it just $59.99, moreover you can get it with fast free shipping.

iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Features:
* 2-in-1: Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard + Folding Leather Protective Case.

* Built-In wireless Bluetooth 2.0 silicone keyboard.

* With wireless operation distance up to 10 meters.

* Stylish, and high grade protective PU leather case designed for iPad.

* Supports all iPad operation systems due now.

* With iPad display stand for easy viewing.

* QWERTY keyboard.

* Built-In Lithium Rechargeable battery lasts for approximately 45 hours per charge.

* Special HOME screen key for one touch access to variety of applications.

* Energy-Saving keyboard sleep mode.

* With LED indicators.

* Good touch feeling.

* Quiet keystrokes.

* Waterproof and dust proof design.

* Lightweight, compact, easy to carry and handle.

* Ergonomic design.

* Easy operation, need no drive, just plug and play.

* Ideal for students, business persons, travelers, etc.

More information follow the link on: iPad Bluetooth Keyboard

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