The Main Reasons Why Android Tablet Is So Cool


Don’t say you haven’t seen them, those enticing slabs of tech loveliness that people are holding on the bus, metro or office. I bet you’ve been curious to see what they’re actually like to use and play with! Since Apple launched the iPad, tablet sales have gone through the roof! But there is a new kid in town, the Android Tablet! So in the following we’re going to look at the main reasons why Android tablet is so cool now. Read on and to see.

Android Tablet

Android has just overtaken Apple’s OS in terms of users so it must be doing something right. I’ve spoken at length about the merits of Android before, but if I had to give you why it’s so good in a nutshell I would say that it gives the user the complete PC experience of customisation and choosing one’s own applications that they’ve grown used to, but in their phone or tablet!

  • Multitasking – Long the preserve of women, now Android has got in on the task! Basically Android allows you, like with a PC, to have your apps open and running in the background whilst you do other things. This means that you could listen to tunes, receive mail and be downloading stuff without keeping any of these apps ‘open.’
  • CustomisationAndroid Tablet is very customisable. From your home screen all the way to the version of Android that you’re running, everything can be tuned, tweaked and updated. The home screen is good, because like in windows you can place whichever ‘widgets’ there that you like. these act as shortcuts to your favourite apps. Android is open source, so anyone can use it for free. Therefore there are many new versions popping up. Don’t like yours? Download and install a different ‘flavour’ which may be more to your liking!
  • Android Marketplace – This is particularly cool. Anyone can make apps for Android and they’re not censored and cherry picked like with Apple’s app store, so if you want an app you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for here!
  • Social Network And Google Integration – Android is Google’s baby and it will link directly with your Google account. Why is this cool? Your Gmail account can be automatically synched with your phone giving you email immediately. Pictures that you take can be instantly uploaded to Flickr and your device can even be linked to your Facebook account to allow posts, pictures and contacts to be shared in real time.
  • Android Is Compatible With So Much Hardware – Because Android is open source any manufacturer can use it. This allows you to choose whichever device, be it tablet or smartphone, suits your needs and budget. Let’s look at it another way; if you want an Apple tablet you’ve got to have an iPad. Don’t want an iPad? Tough.

So if you want a cool tablet that you can upgrade and customise to your heart’s content (and why wouldn’t you?) then it’s simply got to be an Android tablet!

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