All traces of the stain does not handle ultra-thin silicon case Xbox360


Three companies are now home machine market, respectively, the situation in the Three Kingdoms, the Nintendo Wii has a creative design of infinite operations, subject to the influence function, the game quality is not strong. Sony’s PS3 game quality and function of strong,
But coz expensive players generally can not afford to accept. So now the market can function, image quality and the best will play the number of integrated Microsoft’s Xbox360 console. Both the powerful function, can play cracked games, so the majority of players are put into Microsoft’s camp. But the players have the experience, handle all parts of the game most frequently in contact with, so very easy to dirty, get dirty and clean up in that very trouble. Xbox360 handle ultra-thin silicon case, since you say goodbye to the handle and perspiration stains. (xbox 360 skins

Small low-grade silicone sleeve containing impurities, such a silicone case itself is easily attached to the dust and dirt, plus work of sealing problems, dust and other tiny particles into the silicone sleeve inside the machine that will produce friction and scratches. Some low-quality silicone products, a great pungent odor, these are used because of poor business people not only hear the impact of the game feeling dizzy, but also a great harm to human body. We should pay attention before you buy, do not be cheap to buy low-grade silicone.(xbox 360 silicone skin)

The arrival of summer, the players in such a hot season will certainly be a lot of palms sweat, you will then hand the handle to handle dirty. Handle some of my friends have a touch of yellow stains around the marks, people feel very uncomfortable. With a condom, you can remove the sweat with minimal investment problems stains, while sets of silicone clean up is also very convenient, you can direct direct wash water, so highly recommended.(xbox 360 controller skins)

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