A Pricey Trinket: Inception Top Spinning

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I loved the movie “Inception.” It was definitely one of my favorite films of the summer and a brilliant complex story by Christopher Nolan. If you haven’t seen it by now, shame on you. I guess the whole concept of dream versus reality is what really got me hooked about the film. Like many of you who have seen the movie, I’ve been racking my brain wondering if that Inception Top Spinning ever stopped spinging. Which parts of that movie were a dream and which were reality?

So just for fun, I buy a replica of the spinning top used in “Inception” online. When the package came in the mail, I heard a strange sound coming from the box. It sounded like something was moving inside. I opened the box to find that the top was still spinning from the end of the movie while in the box. I was astonished. I was more than astonished. I was … I don’t know. There’s no way to describe it. I felt nothing and everything all at the same time.

I spilled the spinning top onto my kitchen table and my mouth just dropped to the ground, and so did a piece of paper that was inside the box. It was a note from Christopher Nolan. “To whomever this concerns, you know the truth of life’s existence. This top was brought to my front doorstep five years ago with a note within this box. The note told me the story behind the spinning top, which later inspired me to write the script for ‘Inception’. After the movie released I could no longer bear this knowledge of existence. I figured the highest bidder of the item would be ready to know the truth. Use this knowledge wisely. I don’t know how long this top has been on this planet or where it came from, but I do know that this is no joke. Protect this spinning top with your life. Good luck.”

In the movie, the top was a totem for only one person, yet the Inception spinning top works with all people. According to the film, if the top does not stop spinning, it means we are in a dream and not in reality. After I found this out, I tried tipping myself off a chair just like in the movie to give myself a “jump” to wake myself up. It did not work.

When in hands, you will be enraptured, as first sight. This is available for $6.47 at TOMTOP. That’s savings you can count on.

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