A Trip to Qingyuan-Tour on Beijiang and Enjoy Delicious Food


After three hours’ driving, we arrived Beijiang-the first destination of our journy. The local settlers told us that when the tourists arrive Beijiang, they can not skip having a tour on the river, and when they are ready to have a tour on river, then they can not skip having a tour on Beijiang river. The Beijiang in Qingyuan has a beautiful name called Little Sanxia: the river canal here is winding, the water expand wide, green water likes jade, the woods on the bank green and fresh, the river and the hill natrually become in one. When we were standing on riverbank and bathing in the river wind, it seemed that we were living in a heaven of peace and happiness.

When we got to the dock, the tour boat was waiting there. After secure boarding, everybody became easy and quiet, just plunged into the beauty of Beijiang. Looking into the water, we can see the incessant reflected mountain scene. And if you were careful enough, you even can see the fishes playing happily in the river and the flashing across the water surface. The river wind blowing again, how pleasing we were.

Beijiang is not only famous for its view, but also for aquatic food, which is a must for every customer to enjoy. Since it is a feast of aquatic food, at least eight dishes and one soup can make it: Beijiang aquatic soup, Radish fried rice noodles with Pork Belly, Qingyuan chopped cold boiled chicken, Roast duck melon, Beijiang Forceps Fish, Steamed mandarin Fish, Roast pumpkin, Braised tofu, Water spinach. Expect the major aqautic food fish and shrimp. the most recommended one was Qingyuan chopped cold boiled chicken, which is very famous in the whole country, so we could not miss it in Qingyuan. And the next was the special local product pumpkin and green vegetable. When the delicious farmers’ food dished up, we were already so starved that nobody cared about their behavior on table and the plate became clean quickly.

After finishing the aquatic food, we upstreamed and arrived Feilai Temple, which was builded in a.D. 20 and has witnessed 1400 history. The grand temple is structured carefully, embraced by incenss smoke, and in front of the door standing with numbers of stone carvings. The river and mountains arounding the temple is rather unsurpassably wonderful-Peaks rising one upon another and craggy cliffs with deep ponds, which deserves to be called promised land of nature view.

The boat turned around after passing the Feilai Temple, and we became high again-taking photoes. Many little interlude happened, such as under the united recommendation, we gathered the colleague who had got the sunglasses saled by action and took snaps for them.

After return to base, we were facinated by the Beijiang scene and hesitated to leave, but did not linger too much and moved to the next sightspot-Home Around.

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