iPhone 5 Nears Will Be Launched By HTC Thunderbolt


It has been nearly 2 weeks since Verizon released its first version of the Apple iPhone and sales have been anything but exciting. This could be from news of an iPhone 5 that is expected to launch sometime in June or later this summer. The iPhone 5 rumors have certainly kept some consumers who have been waiting for the Verizon iPhone on a stand still until further information with exact dates is released. Verizon has not made any official comments in regards to their iPhone 4 sales results, but many think results will fall well short of analyst pre iPhone sales predictions.

HTC HD2 T8585

The iPhone 4 is just one of the big smartphones that is making news in the first quarter as the HTC Thunderbolt powered by Android prepares to launch within the next 2 weeks. The original release date was pushed back to avoid the possibility of customers looking to return their iPhone 4 within their 14 day trial period to get a piece of Verizon’s first 4G phone. The HTC Thunderbolt will be the 2nd smartphone on Verizon’s network that will feature a front and rear facing camera for video chat. It will also be the first phone that will allow its users in a 4G area to simultaneously surf the web during a phone call. This has been something that AT&T customers have been able to do on their current 3G smartphones. This has helped AT&T keep some of their customers who enjoyed the ability to do both.

The HTC Thunderbolt is just one of the cool phones that is expected to launch on Verizon’s 4G network sometime in the near future. Whether you are a Apple or Android fan Verizon has finally given its customers what they have been waiting for….options. You no longer have to switch companies to get the phone you want. The real test will be how long they will keep their unlimited smartphone data plans.

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