New Product for This Week- Wii Wireless Wlan Adaptor


Nintendo has announced, Wii and NDS with the wireless LAN router ‘Nintendo Wi-Fi network adapter’ will be held September 18, 2008 sale, the goods only in Nintendo’s online shopping store, priced 5,800 yen. (Internet module for console

Nintendo Wi-Fi network adapter is at home with broadband cable, making the Wii or NDS host can connect to the network through the wireless connection function.

NDSL Nintendo launch in late 2004, a new improved version of NDS handheld consoles, March 2, 2006 on sale in Japan. The IDSL is a Spiritual Technology (China) agent in China for sale IQUE Nintendo version of the NDSL. IDSL has the new arrival of a color, this color is Nintendo IDSL / NDSL (black and distribution) , familiar with the NDSL friends should recognize this blue-black with the IDSL, look and NDSL is the same as if the past is like The blue-black with the DSL, but disdain to buy a parallel case, this blue-black with a licensed IDSL to fit you, the current offer is 1030 yuan.(WLAN for Nintendo Wii

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