How to Wash Sneakers?

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In life, many sports enthusiasts will prepare sneakers for themselves, because sneakers feel breathable, light and comfortable to wear, so they will prepare a few more pairs for themselves. However, sports shoes are easy to get dirty when exposed to rain, dust, and dirt. Cleaning is a difficult problem. How can we clean them? Many people have used the wrong way to wash shoes, reducing the life span of shoes by half! How to wash sneakers?

If you don’t want to wash your shoes by yourself and you are not short of money, you can send your sneakers to the shoe washing shop for professional cleaning. The owner will be very happy and will wash the shoes very clean.

If you don’t want to send it to the shoe washing shop, then you can wash it in a washing machine. First, you need to take out the shoe laces and insoles. In the second step, you need to use a shoe brush to brush off the sand on the surface of the shoe and the sole. The third step is to put the shoes in the washing machine, and put one or two towels, the function of putting the towels in is to reduce the friction of the shoes on the drum of the washing machine. The fourth step is to pour the shoe washing liquid or laundry detergent in the wash machine, and turn on the standard mode of the washing machine. After washing, put the shoes in a cool and ventilated place to air dry.

I prefer hand washing because I think the washing machine is dedicated to washing clothes. If it is used to wash shoes, I think it is very unhygienic. Some of the steps of hand washing sneakers:

The first step is to remove the shoelaces and insoles, put the shoes in a basin filled with water, keep the water temperature at room temperature, pour shoe washing liquid or washing powder into the basin, and soak the sneaker for 5 minutes in the basin, too long time will cause the insole to degummed.

The second step is to clean the fine sand or stones on the sole, then put the washing powder on the shoe brush, and start brushing the surface of the sneakers with the shoe brush. Because the sole is dirty than the upper, brush the upper first and then the sole , rinse with water.

The third step is to find a soft brush, such as a toothbrush, and stick shoe washing liquid or laundry detergent on the brush, and brush the inside of the shoes. Try to clean all sides inside the shoes.

The fourth step is to clean the insoles and laces with a shoe brush.

The fifth step is to wash the sneakers 1 to 3 times repeatedly, pour out the dirty water and change to clean water, soak the sneakers in water, and scrub the sneakers with a shoe brush and toothbrush.

The sixth step is to dry. Sneakers should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry. Do not use heating or fire temperature to dry. There are sponges on the front and heel of the shoes, so they absorb more water. We should squeeze out the moisture absorbed by the sponge by hand. When drying shoes, it is best to place them at an angle, not be placed horizontally, because it will cause more moisture in the sole, which will easily cause the sole to degummed. Or put laces on your shoes and hang the laces on your clothes hanger to dry. Don’t expose it to the sun, as the shoes are easy to damage when exposed to the sun.

Sneakers maintenance methods: 1. If the sneakers are not going to be worn for a long time, we need to wash the sneakers thoroughly and put them in a cool and ventilated place to avoid moldy. 2. If you need to wear sports shoes often, it is best to prepare more than two pairs of sports shoes, which can be worn interchangeably, that can prolong the service life of sports shoes. 3. When drying white sneakers, you can choose a few white napkins wet with water and cover them on the upper, so that the white shoes will not turn yellow after drying. 4. When the shoes are not worn, use paper balls or shoe holders to support them to avoid deformation of the shoes.

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