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Xiaomi Eco-chain Non-Smart Watch: CIGA Design Quartz Analog Wrist Watch

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Today’s protagonist is this watch: CIGA Design I series time machine men’s watch.

The CIGA Design brand was founded in 2012, positioning China’s original designer brand, belonging to the Xiaomi eco-chain brand.

Received a number of design awards, such as the German Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award.

After talking about the brand, we are telling the story of this watch.

The design is full of creativity

a pointer to the time shuttle

This is its slogan.

Traditional watches are basically three hands, and it has only one minute hand across the dial, and the hour and second hands are hidden in the gear.

Four gears, indicating seconds, hours, dates, and weeks, are interlaced and separated.

The design of a pointer + gear, return to simple and single-minded focus, simple, atmospheric and beautiful, it seems that through this Xiaomi CIGA Design Wrist Watch can feel the time of rotation of the annual ring.

This can be said to be the biggest highlight of its design.

As far as the black one is concerned, in the color matching, the design of the black dial + red pointer is more refined.

It must be said that the CIGA Design brand has won a lot of design awards, and it can catch people’s eyes at a glance in the creativity and beauty of the design.


For the watch, the movement is very important.

This watch uses an imported quartz movement for more accurate travel.

Actual measurement, adjusting the time and waiting for a few days, there is no time to slow down or become faster, it is more accurate.


Both the case and the strap are made of 316L stainless steel, which not only has good rust resistance, but also has a good texture.

waterproof level

30m waterproof, just the most basic life level of waterproof, it is impossible to wear a watch to go down the mountain.

Wearing comfort

The weight of 85g can be felt on the wrist, but it doesn’t feel cumbersome or restrained. Comfort is OK.

About adjustment operation

As mentioned earlier, the four gears on the dial of the watch indicate the seconds, hours, dates, and weeks.

If you adjust the time and date, you can see the instructions clearly.

However, it is not so friendly to adjust the week.

For example, the table shows Wednesday, if I want to adjust to Thursday, I need to control the minute hand for 24 hours.

It takes 1 hour to turn the minute hand and 1 turn in 24 hours. ! Give you a picture, please understand it yourself. (PS: This picture is an accelerated version…)

This is still only a day difference, if the difference is three, four or five days. . . (I will never tell you that I have been transferred from Monday to Monday)

to sum up

After experiencing this watch, I can sum up my feelings in one sentence: I fell in love at first sight, and I was troubled by three.

“Enthusiastic” and “get my heart” is of course because of its advantages: the design is full of creativity, very beautiful; material and performance are also worthwhile, the walking time is more accurate; and the wearing comfort is not bad.

The downside is that it is more troublesome to adjust the week.

In general, the price is still quite high. If you just need a men’s watch, you can consider this.

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